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Beautify Your Living Space With Our Versatile Round Rugs

Fixit Design is the one-stop shop, providing luxury, durable, modern, traditional, and small and large round rugs for living & commercial spaces. Our broad selection is created using natural and synthetic materials including wool, silk, jute, cotton, polyester, velvet, sisal, acrylic, nylon, animal hide, and brocade. Also, you can pick low, high, and medium pile densities, featuring handmade and machine-made weaving approaches.

In addition; abstract, lined, floral, geometric, dotted, and intricate patterns and layouts are available. To match the exact dimensions of your spaces, select from small, large, extra large, standard, or custom sizes.

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Our refined collection features the most inspiring vintage and contemporary styles to select your desired design.

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Where To Place Our Round Rugs

Our luxury floorings come in extensive styles and materials to be placed in every space. The style distinction, comfort, and durability of our round carpets allow the flexibility to style them in different locations as follows:

Living Room And Bedroom

Kitchen And Dining Area

Meeting And Conference Rooms

Libraries And Laboratories

Hallways, Balconies, & Decks

Boutiques & Healthcare Facilities

Round Rugs
Round Rugs

Benefits of Having Our Round Rugs In Your Spaces

Our circular rugs are not just a floor covering piece, rather, they feature a lot of decorative and functional attributes. To elevate the style of your residential and commercial spaces, you have versatile choices to discover.

Buy luxury circle-shaped to give your spaces a well-defined and highlighted look.

They ensure comfort and insulation because of their thick, dense, and softer appeal.

Our round coverings create a large space illusion and perfectly anchor with furniture.

Get them for floor protection, concealing imperfections, and acoustic properties.

Our highly durable coverings are damage-resistant and easy to maintain & clean.

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Get Our Customized Round Rugs At Low Price Ranges

Personalize your round area rugs in terms of material, border styles, pattern, thickness, color, and size. We customize your rugs to align with any modern and traditional space’s style and dimensions.

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Round Rugs
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Why Choose Us For Round Rugs Dubai?

Fixit Design is a client-oriented company that provides heavy-duty, luxury, and easily maintainable round rugs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We stand out among other rug suppliers:

Free Consultation From Experts

Free Samples At Your Service

Featured Sale And Discounts

Highly Reasonable Price Range

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It is an interesting and timeless way to give your rooms an impression of a large space. That’s because their unique shape won’t add another rectangular to a space. Also, it will align perfectly with the furniture and serve as the highlighting decor feature in a room.

When you have a small space with odd nooks, it is suggested to have circular-shaped floor covering essentials to add an interesting touch and fluid movement. Also, it is an excellent choice to settle for child rooms, hallways, and corner living spaces.

When shopping for one, you should measure the space from the center precisely according to the intended area you want to cover. The measurement from the center will give you the radius of the circle that can be doubled up according to one’s unique preferences.

The most dominant choices for these floor coverings are modern and traditional. Although it depends on the personalized user preferences you can select Persian, patterned, or solid designs for your space styling/ decor.

Fixit Design is the most trustworthy and reliable shop to purchase rugs of different materials and sizes to align with your residential and commercial settings. You can find modern, traditional, and eclectic designs for our floor-covering accessories.

Round Rugs

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