10 Biggest Advantages of Artificial Grass for Your Garden 

Biggest Advantages of Artificial Grass for Your Garden

Artificial grass is becoming very popular among many residential and commercial property holders. It is considered the best way to transform a boring land into a fresh green garden immediately. As we all know, we all have our busy routines. Nobody is free enough to spend too much time maintaining natural grass by watering it daily or mowing it every weekend. Fixit Design offers Fake Turf that helps to improve one’s own lifestyle and the impact on the environment.

Artificial grass Dubai is manufactured with top-quality material to offer a range of environmental benefits. Moreover, the attractive aesthetic appearance of Fake Grass Dubai makes it a great component to be a part of many interior decorations.

Thus artificial turf has totally changed the living standards of many people by giving a luxurious look to their indoor and outdoor places. Along with all these artificial grass offers a stream of advantages including reduced water bills & water usage, low maintenance, a safe place for children & pets to play, weatherproofing, and keeping its appearance all year round.

Moreover, many of us use artificial grass since it’s more convenient with modern, busy lifestyles. I’ll here explain the 10 biggest advantages of Artificial Grass for your indoor and outdoor spaces to make your living easy.

1. Aesthetic Appearance

Aesthetic Appearance

The first and foremost fake grass Advantage is its appealing look. If you want your garden to look fresh and green throughout the year, then our fake grass for the lawn is the best.

We manufacture this artificial grass using the latest technologies to maintain its look. A garden with artificial grass looks and feels just like a well-maintained natural grass every day.

2. Maintenance-free


Artificial grass doesn’t need much maintenance or you can say no maintenance. As natural grass needs much maintenance like you have to water it daily to keep it fresh and growing or you have to mow your garden every weekend.

But fake grass needs no mowing, fertilizing, reseeding, or watering. In short, you can have a fresh and lively garden with just low maintenance.

3. Saves Water and Electricity bills

Saves Water and Electricity bills

A garden with natural grass needs to be watered daily to maintain its freshness and keep it growing.

But installing artificial grass saves your water because it doesn’t need water to stay fresh. You only need water when you are cleaning your artificial grass.

4. Free From Allergies

Free From Allergies

Fake grass installation eliminates the use of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, or any antibacterial solutions.

So, unlike real grass, the fake grass stays fresh without the use of any chemical, which makes it free from allergies. Installing synthetic turf offers you a safe and allergy-free environment.

5. No Need For Fertilizers

No Need For Fertilizers

As it doesn’t grow, this artificial grass stays fresh and beautiful without being fertilized. If you install fake grass Dubai, it makes you free from these extra-maintenance activities like fertilizing, weeding, mowing, or watering.

6. Durability


After a successful fake turf installation, you don’t have to worry about maintaining it. It is manufactured with high-quality fibre to endure high amounts of wear and tear.

Moreover, it can withstand heavy traffic, & harsh climate changes. It is available with a life expectancy of 10-12 years.

7. Resistant To UV Rays & Color Fading

Resistant To UV Rays & Color Fading

Artificial grass is manufactured with the ability to resist harmful UV rays. As natural grass loses its fresh look and color due to ultraviolet exposure, but fake grass is resistant to color fading, stains, and any kind of wear and tear.

8. Best For Children & Pets

Best For Children & Pets

For a child-friendly garden, artificial grass is a great choice. With the use of artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about your children if they fall while playing.

Fake grass is extremely soft to touch, walk or play with. Its soft and anti-bacterial nature makes it the perfect choice for children and pets.

9. Safe Surface

Safe Surface

Artificial grass is designed with a technical structure to provide safety from slips & trips. The use of fake grass in many sports areas has reduced the maximum level of injuries.

Moreover, it is also designed with a water drainage mechanism to allow water to seep through it and keep the area safe during flood conditions.

10. Return On Investment

Return On Investment

Moving your way from natural grass to artificial grass would be your best decision. The initial fake grass price is a bit high, but once it is professionally installed, it makes you tension-free for many years to maintain your grassy areas.

It provides you an easy way to remodel your home gardens, sports areas, school grounds, and any outdoor space with just a one-time investment.


Conclusion Of Advantages Of Artificial Grass

I have explained the top advantages of artificial grass, which makes it a top choice for many industrial and residential customers around the globe.

Fixit Design is one of the top brands for offering the best quality of artificial grass and emerging as the best artificial grass supplier all over UAE.

You must opt-out of fake grass for your lawn or garden and get it installed by professionals to keep it reliable and long-lasting. Buy fake grass for your lawn and make it a fresh & lively place.

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