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Fixit Design specializes in all kinds of Majlis designing and provides the widest range of services, treatments, & products for authentic and valuable Majlis decors.


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We are the top-rated providers of complete and versatile Arabic majlis Dubai services including all kinds of furnishing, designing, and decor. Our modern Arabic-themed Majlis furniture features the finest build quality and you can design the most welcoming and equally comfortable spaces with it. Our collection includes antique furniture ornaments, classy curtains, hand-woven carpets, assorted pattern rugs, angular and quadrilateral majlis sofas with heavy padding lumbar support, and the finest coverings.

We also offer custom-styled seating, upholstery, floor, and sofa cushions, throw pillows, and fabrications for a truly outstanding majlis interior. Also, we can create Turkish, Royal Arabic, and Persian Majlis styles along with multiple modern touches as well.

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Featuring Our Majlis Design Ideas Below!

Explore our latest furniture items available for both small and large-scale majlis interiors. And do not forget to check out our Arabic Majlis Sofa For Sale!

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Affordable Arabic Majlis Dubai
White Theme Majlis
Classic Arabic Majlis
Moroccan Style Majlis
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Modern Majlis Design
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Custom Arabic Majlis
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Custom Arabian Majlis Essentials

Keeping our rates competitive, we offer maximum customization options in terms of styling, designing, and sizing of your drawing room furnishing. Here are some of the main components with which we design the most perfect and luxurious Arabic-style Majalis per your specifications.

Arabic Majlis Sofas

Thick Curtains

Plush Carpets And Rugs

Arabic Majlis Floor Seating Dubai

Low, Coffee And Center Wooden Tables And Trolleys

Upholstered Benches And Floor Cushions

Luxury Arabic Majlis Dubai
Classic Arabic Majlis Dubai

Prominent Benefits Of Our Majlis Design Services

With our modern Arabic Majlis Furniture UAE, you can enjoy the comfiest seating and entertain your guests in the most attractive and impressive environments. Other than valuable aesthetics, our furniture and decor for Majlis also offer health and wellness benefits.

Well-defined area for smooth collaborations and communications.

Opulent decor for receiving and entertaining guests and visitors.

Perfect accommodation space for a maximum number of people.

Authentic Majlis experience through traditional furnishing & artwork.

Easily maintainable furniture, floor coverings, fabrics, & window coverings.

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Modern Arabic Majlis Services By Us!

With us, you can create the most attractive and comfortable new Majlis decors and spice up any existing ones too. We offer complete interior designing, furnishing, and decoration services for Majalis setups.

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Customized Arabic Majlis Dubai
Best arabic majlis services

Why Choose Us for Arabic Majlis Dubai Services?

Fixit Design has been offering the finest quality services since 2014 and has become a leading company in a few years due to excellent workmanship.

Premium Quality Furnishing & Decor

Authentic Arabian & Classic Styles

Long-Lasting Services & Treatments

100% Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Products

Extensive Customization Services

Affordable & Cost-Effective Majlis Decor

Top Customer Comments

Have a look at how our recent customers talk about their contentment and amazing experiences with our Majlis interior services and products

Adil Farra

Having an Arabian style decor was a completely new concept for me and all thanks to Fixit Design it’s been totally mind-blowing and worthwhile!

Khayru Baccus

I was amazed by their huge collection of majlis furniture and found the perfect sofa set within it, just what I was looking for. It proved to be the best fit for my area and it is really easy to care for.

Alyan Amber

We wanted to decorate our commercial reception area in a traditional manner and the services offered by this brand were simply the best.

Humam Laham

I got some artwork from this shop for my Majlis-themed guest room and these additions have really transformed the look of my room.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Arabic Majlis is a place that is dedicated to a range of purposes including discussions about local and cultural affairs, receiving visitors and guests, socializing, exchanging news and information, hospitality, and entertainment. It’s a traditional seating setup for social and religious gatherings.

Fixit Design is a top-notch specialist in complete Arabic Majlis decor products and services. Here you can find the largest variety of premium-quality and classic Arabic-style Majlis furniture, upholstery, fabrics, floor coverings, window and wall treatments, decorations and much more.

Yes, we provide customized Majlis cushions and throw pillows to help you design a perfectly personalized Majlis interior. You can have the entire fabrication, filling, covering, print, pattern, color, shape, and size of these cushions custom-designed as per your liking and decor requirements.

We provide all kinds of furniture and decor items for majlis seatings. These include luxurious Arabian sofas, traditional low seating, large floor cushions, plush carpets and rugs, and decorative pillows. These items can be paired with center, coffee, or low tables, a Kawar, or a special stove.

Finest Arabic Majlis Dubai

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