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Per Dubai trends, people focus on styling their space with the accurate color, shape, and thickness of synthetic grass. To maintain the precise decor and functionality of your outdoor as well as indoor places, we present every astroturf variety on our platform.

With different thicknesses, fiber lengths, and fiber types, get custom artificial grass carpets from us at very affordable rates. For this grass, you can get polyethylene, polypropylene, rubber, mixed fibers, and any other fiber type. Also, we have every grass color, green, brown, and red color tones available for commercial and residential decor boost.

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Eco Superior

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Eco Comfort

Our Artificial Grass Dubai Is The Best Choice For Your Garden

Having a lively green atmosphere is always a need for every family. With the new advancements in the flooring industry now artificial turf is emerging as the top choice alternative for lawns and gardens. We have experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality Cheap Artificial Grass Dubai for many years. We are the best artificial turf suppliers in the United Arab Emirates.

Whether you need to install grass carpet in the lawn, garden, balcony, or any other area. We design, create and supply Fake Grass for every place. Our uniquely designed artificial turf in Dubai enhances the look of your space, giving it a fresh green look. Our premium quality product made us the priority choice for many commercial and residential customers.

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Fixitdesign | Best Artificial Grass Supplier In Dubai 2024

Our premium quality product made us the priority choice for many commercial and residential customers. Our synthetic grass has been installed in many famous commercial places to offer the best appealing appearance to those areas. Our Artificial Grass Dubai is a reliable, durable, maintenance-free replacement for natural grass maintenance issues.

It is perfect to add practical, but fantasy touches to your decoration. As a leading synthetic turf Dubai installation company, the United Arab Emirates, we guarantee 100% reliable human artificial turf Dubai to install high-end services and the best products.

Artificial Grass Dubai

Lawn Artificial Grass

Lawn Austro turf is a gorgeous, multipurpose, and high-quality grass that we made from top-quality poly polypropylene yarns. This insanely durable Artificial Grass for lawn is synthetic and such a product that is completely resistant to high temperatures and can elevate the looks of your outdoor lawn settings instantly.

Our high-caliber lawn Artificial Grass Dubai is backed with drainage holes that offer you easy cleaning and maintenance. So you can clean and dry it easily as well. Synthetic grass for lawn is the best thing that you can use for your outdoor sitting areas for optimized and fresh environments. It provides an excellent surface for your pets to play on.

Artificial Grass Dubai

Terrace Artificial Grass

Our artificial turf for your terrace will change the entire aesthetics of your complete space. This artificial turf is very easy to maintain. This is the perfect solution to create a garden in your small places that will give you a perfect tarmac and appealing look. Artificial grass for the terrace can give you the alluring look of real grass with no hassle of maintenance.

By adding terrace artificial grass Dubai to your terrace you can get a perfect subtly place where you can relax your mind after a long day of work. Our artificial grass for terrace transforms your patios and terraces into beautiful and mesmerizing outdoor living spaces. You can covert your unusable terrace into functional spaces with Artificial Terrace Grass Dubai.

Artificial Grass Dubai

Balcony Artificial Grass

Our artificial grass with its perfect crafting is an ideal foundation for your balcony. It is very easy to convert the dull look of your balcony into an entertaining and appealing scenario with balcony Artificial grass Dubai. Our company is providing you with top-quality products that are the best beauty enhancers for your places and make your sitting areas perfectly alluring and mind soothing.

With our quality balcony, artificial grass, your balcony will become your most favorite relaxing spot after a long and tiring hectic routine. You will fall in love with the smooth and sleek texture of our artificial grass products as they give you a completely refreshing and green environment. Buy the fake grass Dubai for balconies to enjoy a relaxing sit after a busy day.

Artificial Grass Dubai

Artificial Grass Installation

Being a top-notch company, we provide the best Artificial Grass Dubai installation services. With the highly efficient and responsible installation crew, we are the best and the most reliable artificial grass installation company in Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates. You can have perfect and speeding synthetic turf fixing services without any hassle if you hire our reliable and well-trained workers.

We use modern techniques and tools for providing our customers with high-standard grass installation service in Dubai and the entire UAE at their doorstep. Besides the quality installation, our Artificial Grass Dubai fixing services in Dubai are budget-friendly as well that does not make any painful blow to your wallet. So hire us today to get the most extraordinary results after the installation of artificial grass in Dubai.

Get Our Artificial Grass To Adorn Your Places

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If you are looking for artificial grass for your home, then you are at the right place. We offer a wide range of artificial turf for your homes. They are the game changers in modifying the entire theme of your home. In your domestic or residential settings, you can use Artificial Grass Dubai for a garden and outdoors as well. It will make a fascinating scenario in your garden and provide you the best sitting area during summer eves. Choose for the top-quality artificial grass and related products.

Artificial Grass Dubai

Benefits Of Artificial Grass Dubai

  • It looks attractive all around the year (do not get brown in the summer season like real grass).
  • Saves water, as there is no need to water artificial grass.
  • One of the most notable benefits of Astro Turf is that it can be installed quickly.
  • There is no need of cutting, mow, and or trim the synthetic turf.
  • It is very cost-effective and has a low maintenance cost as well.
  • The Best Artificial Grass Dubai does not require any type of fertilizers or
  • Not a single issue like green or brown patches, just like real grass.
  • Pests or other insects cannot damage it.
  • Can be even used in places that are directly exposed to the sun.

Get Artificial grass Installation Service By Our Experts

AstroTurf Dubai is the fast-moving trend in Dubai. Many people are now moving towards fake grass instead of having natural lawns. We are a top-notch firm offering Artificial Grass Dubai installation services all over UAE.

Whether you need to install synthetic turf in any residential or commercial area, we provide high-quality, reliable artificial turf installation services at an affordable price range. We are equipped with professional tools to make your fake turf installation accurate.

We offer professional installation and customization of Artificial Turf Dubai to meet the latest design needs of everyone. Our professional installation team will formulate your design strategy according to the perfect prospects for your space.

Artificial Grass Dubai

Why Choose Us For Artificial Grass Dubai

At Fixit Design, we take pride in supplying the best quality artificial turf all over UAE. We are a professional and experienced team, selling the highest quality and advanced Artificial Turf. Whether your requirements are a decorative lawn, a soft or friendly play area for children, or a hard lawn to withstand your activities, we have all types of grass to meet your needs.

Our premium quality Artificial Grass Dubai is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor places. We have special artificial turf for a series of sports including golf, football, and tennis. We are known for our commitment and quality that’s why we stand as the top choice for domestic or commercial use. We also provide economical fixing and installation services for green grass As a famous brand, we have experts who are convenient to install fake on any type of surface perfectly. Contact us to avail of artificial turf installation services!

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of synthetic grass ranges between 60 AED per square meter and 120 AED per square meter. The pricing varies with the thickness of the grass, i.e. thicker versions cost more than thinner ones. Additionally, any customizations or subfloor treatments can also add to the overall project expenses.

Artificial grass is generally not a permanent treatment and most of the time it is installed in removable ways. In terms of lifespan, it can last for up to 20 to 30 years. However, if you do want a long-lasting treatment or landscape setup, you can have the grass installed in a permanent manner.

Our artificial grass can last for a good 15 to 20 years or even more than that with proper upkeep and careful usage. Regular raking and rinsing are integral for the longevity of this grass and it is also a good idea to protect it from intense weather conditions or direct sunlight for durability.

Fixit Design is the best supplier of Artificial grass in Dubai and here you can shop for premium-quality fake grass at affordable prices for all areas. Additionally, installation services are also available and you can benefit from free area measurements, product samples, and consultations.

Of course, Fixit Design is a top-rated brand for artificial grass in Dubai and is also well known for providing a complete range of associated services such as installation and customization. You can get the most suitable astroturf products for every space and purpose at cheap rates from this shop.

Yes, artificial grass is environmentally friendly because it does not require watering or any other products or services for maintenance. Reasonable amounts of water can be conserved with a fake turf treatment and there are no fertilizers or chemicals required either which lessens carbon footprint.

Yes, our Artificial Dubai grass is not just highly economical but also extremely cost-effective. It stays the same for years on end and provides a good value for one’s money. Plus, this fake turf prevents a lot of expenses such as energy bills, costly fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, equipment and others.