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Best Bamboo Blinds Dubai

Fixit Design is at your service with a huge and versatile range of Bamboo Blinds Dubai, which are highly affordable and befitting for every use. We have amazing sales going on!

Best Bamboo Blinds Dubai

Finest Construction

100% Eco-friendly

Long-lasting Finishes

Flexible Sizes

Affordable Bamboo Blinds Dubai

Years of Experience

Beautify Your Windows With Our Premium Bamboo Blinds

Are you a fan of natural decor components? Do you strive your best to be eco-conscious with your decisions? Well, then, these blinds will be just the perfect window coverings for you. These are designed with compressed bamboo grass and make an ideally sustainable decor improvement.

We stock these amazing blinds in several colors, sizes, and styles to cater to different window shapes and requirements. Most importantly, their prices are highly affordable at our platform.

Bamboo Outdoor Blinds

Bamboo Roller Blinds

Bamboo Balcony Blinds

Bamboo Door Blinds

Explore Our Bamboo Door & Window Blind Styles

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We Supply Bamboo Shades & Blinds To All Parts Of Dubai Click here.

Commercial Bamboo Shutters & Blinds

We have a dedicated window blind range for commercial areas, precisely made of bamboo. These window treatments are extraordinarily heavy-duty, low-maintenance, and cost-effective.

Bamboo Roll Up Blind
White Picked
White Picked
Vertical Bamboo Blind
Vertical Bamboo Blind
Topped Off Bamboo
Topped Off Bamboo
Outdoor Bamboo Blind
Outdoor Bamboo Blind
Kitchen Bamboo Blinds
Kitchen Bamboo Blinds
Interior Raw Bamboo
Interior Raw Bamboo
Exterior Bamboo Blinds
Exterior Bamboo Blinds

Prominent Benefits Of Installing Our Bamboo Blinds

Our bamboo blinds in Dubai are a completely green product and will induce greater comfort in your places. What makes them a wise choice is that they can be installed in just about every area, no matter the environmental conditions or challenges.

Provide complete Protection from the elements year-round.

No susceptibility to heat, moisture, mold, or impact damage.

Easy to clean, maintain, move, and remove.

Excellent at light blockage/filtering, privacy protection, & air filtering.

Useful for temperature regulation, air quality improvement, & coziness.

Classic Bamboo Blinds Dubai

Areas We Transformed With Our Trendy Bamboo Blinds

Customized Bamboo Blinds Dubai

We Provide Timeless Installations For Bamboo Blinds In Dubai

To flaunt your chosen bamboo shades in your places with perfection, we offer fast, precise and cost-effective installation services. With our skillset, you’ll be able to benefit maximally from the features of bamboo luxury blinds for longer periods.

Rapid, well-tailored, & long-term beneficial servicing.

Free window, door, & skylight measurements.

Doorstep delivery of blind materials for free.

Helpful consultations- online and on-site.

Affordable pricing structure for every treatment.

Custom Bamboo Blind Services

Economical & Cost-effective Window Treatments For Every Area

Talk to us today or schedule a visit for the precise inspection of your windows, skylights, and doors for the best recommendations. Our ready-made and custom-made blind varieties will benefit both your homes and your budget!

Durable Bamboo Blinds Dubai
Elegant Bamboo Blinds Dubai
Efficient Bamboo Blinds Dubai

Why Choose Us For Bamboo Blinds Dubai?

Fixit Design is the leading provider of eco-friendly, sustainable, and value-for-money window coverings in the UAE. Our latest presentation Bamboo Blinds will make you experience extraordinary comfort.




No harsh edges

Safe Operating Hardware

No VOC Emissions

How Our Blinds Have Benefitted Customers

Following is a brief description of how satisfactory and valuable our window treatments are

The blind installation services offered by this company do make a difference. They fitted my blinds in a really smart way and direct sunlight does not bother me anymore. I am recommending Fixit design for the best services.

Saffiya Wakim

Their bamboo roller blinds are great for kitchens. My kitchen used to be very congested all the time, but thanks to these shades I can enjoy both sunlight and air just how I want. Also, they are very easy to clean too.

Ghazanfar Khan

Thanks to Fixit Design, my very first experience of having bamboo-made blinds was phenomenal. These are way better than any other window covering and you get to enjoy this feeling of having “nature” around you.

Saladin Mousa

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these are highly beneficial window coverings, with eco-friendliness, durability, versatility, and low maintenance being the foremost benefits. Besides, they are highly affordable, attractive-looking, moisture-resistant, and perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

When installed properly and cared for well, these blinds can last for a good 10 years and more than that as well. These shades do not get affected by a majority of factors, most importantly moisture, mold, humidity, and heat, which makes them a really useful and cost-effective option.

Fixit Design is a top-notch supplier of high-quality and budget-friendly eco-friendly blinds. Here, you can find a wide design and finish variety for bamboo shades and can also get the most precise and affordable installation services. Consultations and customizations are available too.

Start by positioning the blinds at desired points and mark openings for fixings at equal distances. Next, mark and drill pilot holes, followed by placing brackets on these holes and drilling screws into the window frame. Afterward, align screws with the openings of bamboo blinds and screw their butterfly nuts back on to secure the blinds.

Begin by tightly rolling the blinds around the headrail and tape them in the center. Measure and mark desired points where you want to cut the blinds for accuration. Take a miter saw and cut the blinds. You might, as well, need to cut the headrail, and/or move the mounting bracket for adjustments.

Finest Bamboo Blinds Dubai

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