How To Choose Best Fabric for Upholstery For your furniture

best fabric for upholstery

best fabric for upholstery

Looking for advice on choosing the Best Fabric for Upholstery? If yes, then I can help. Everyone knows that when purchasing new furniture, the fabric is the most important consideration for any kind of upholstery. Therefore, in order to help you determine which fabric is best for you, I have compiled some expert tips on how to choose the best upholstery fabric for your furniture.

Whether you are buying new furniture or reupholstering old furniture, the fabric you choose must be durable and long-lasting. With so much fabric selection, it may become a difficult task to choose the best fabric. Fixit Design is one of the best upholstery fabric suppliers in Dubai with premium quality.

Wide Range Of Upholstery Fabrics

They offer a wide range of upholstery fabric designs, colors & textures. But, before you choose the best fabric for upholstery, you must be aware of the types of fabric available in upholstery fabric shops. The fabric used for upholstery is of two types: one in natural fabric and the other in synthetic fabric. I’ll briefly explain these two types of fabrics to make you well-aware of each one.

Synthetic Fabric:

Best fabric for upholstery

These are man-made fabrics manufactured using different types of chemicals. These fabrics are more durable than natural ones. They are designed with many unique qualities that are not achievable with natural fabrics. Below, I’ll define the most common types of synthetic fabrics that are used for upholstery.

Acrylic Fabric

Best fabric for upholstery

This is developed as imitation wool. It can resist fading, stains, wrinkling, and common wear & tear. The furniture upholstered with this type of fabric is used in places that receive a high degree of abrasion. This is the best fabric for upholstery.

Nylon Fabric

best fabric for upholstery

This type of fabric is often used with a combination of other fibers to make it more strong upholstery fabric. It is mostly used as an alternative fabric for silk.


Best Fabric For upholstery

This fabric is one of the best types of fabric. It is used in many consumer and industrial products. Polyester is highly resistant to common environmental conditions that make it the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor furniture upholstery fabric.

Rayon Fabric

It is one of the versatile fabrics containing the properties of natural fabrics. This fabric is high moisture absorbent, resistant to stains, and durable enough to withstand heavy wear and tear. All these properties made it the best upholstery fabric for furniture.

Acetate Fabric

best fabric for upholstery

This high-quality luxury fabric offers an elegant appearance. It comes in a variety of colors, dyes, and prints. Acetate is the best fabric for upholstery in the fabric range. It has the characteristics of mildew, anti-mite, and anti-wrinkle, thus making it a great choice for interior ornaments.

Natural Fabrics

best fabric for upholstery

The fabrics are naturally woven from materials that are found in nature, including plant fibers and others derived from animal products. Some common natural fabrics used for furniture upholstery are:

Cotton Fabric

best fabric for upholstery

This natural fabric is highly reliable and resistant to wear, pilling and fading. For upholstering furniture, it is mostly used with other fibers to make it more attractive and durable.

Leather Fabric

best fabric for upholstery

Leather is the most commonly used upholstery fabric all over the world. Furniture upholstered with leather is considered the most durable, reliable, and easy to keep furniture. It can be gently vacuumed or wiped with a damp cloth to keep it clean and shiny.

Thin Linen Fabric

best fabric for upholstery

This is the best-suited fabric for furniture that is used in formal places. It is strong and highly durable. This best fabric for upholstery is very resistant to stains and maintains the original appearance for many years.

Vinyl Fabric

best fabric for upholstery

It is easy to care for, less expensive, and perfect for furniture used in busy areas like the living room or dining room. It is naturally resistant to flame, color fading, or chemical abrasion.

Wool Fabric:

best fabric for upholstery

Wool is the most sturdy and durable fabric. Generally, wool is blended with synthetic fiber to make it easier to clean.

More things to consider for choosing the best Fabric for Upholstery

Apart from knowing the types of fabric used for upholstering furniture, you must consider more factors to buy upholstery fabric. You must set your budget before you start searching for upholstery fabric.

As fabrics are also available in different densities of durability, it would be the best decision if you buy the premium quality of the best fabric for upholstery for your furniture. Fabric must be selected according to the place where you want to use it. Like indoor and outdoor upholstery fabrics are different.

The style and texture of fabric matter a lot. The style you choose should complement both the piece of furniture or interior decoration of your home. The color of your upholstery fabric should be blending, whether you choose a single plain color or use a multi-shaded fabric. Last but not least, there are also some special considerations like the fabric should be resistant to color fading, moisture or mildew, and any kind of allergy.


So, if you want to buy upholstery fabric to recover the old furniture or you want the new best fabric for upholstery, then the above guide can help you. Moreover, if you are living in any state of UAE then Fixit Design, a well-known brand having many upholstery shops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and many other states.

With the all above-mentioned upholstery fabric in Dubai, you can easily recover your old furniture or customize your new piece of furniture with the desired fabric. Be sure to choose the fabric that’s easy to maintain and should be durable enough to stay long with you.

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