Best Blinds Installation Services UAE

Best Blinds Installation-Services UAE

We are right at your service when you’re on the way to choosing blinds for your valuable places. We provide the best blinds installation services UAE for you to have your blinds installed in just the perfect way.

Fixit Design brings the best Blinds fitting service with its skilled professionals and top-quality installation techniques. You can shop for blinds online and then have them installed with the Blinds Fitting Service In Dubai.

Blinds Installation Services UAE for All Rooms

Our Best blinds shops in Dubai present you with an exquisite collection for all the rooms of your home. You can Buy Best Curtains and Blinds with free installation for the perfect sophisticated up-gradation of your place in Dubathe i. With us, you can surely get the best blinds with installations we are the Blinds Suppliers In UAE. 

We present you with the complete procedure of blinds installation including the measurement, selection, and fitting. So do shop from us and give an entirely new appearance to your place with the Best Blinds installation services UAE.

How To Install Blinds Yourself?

How To Install Blinds Yourself

You can have them installed yourself!

Yes! you can install your chosen blinds yourself quite easily. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps and have your blinds installed right away:

  1. Carefully measure all the dimensions for the desired inside or outside place and jot down all the lengths, widths, and heights. Make sure that you buy the right size and amount of blinds.
  2. Measure along the outside borders of the window casing from top to bottom for an outside mount. Don’t forget to consider and measure the sill too if your window has one.
  3. Measure the width of the from all sides inside the casing at the point of meeting of glass and casing. This step is for the inside casing.
  4. If you are still confused you can get our best blinds installation services UAE.
  5. Get the blind type specified according to your place and the one that matches your interior’s appearance. You can choose from the wide range that includes PVC, vinyl, vertical, horizontal, Roman, Venetian, motorized, roller, and panel blinds that go right with your interior and windows.
  6. Got your hands on your blinds? Unpack them and see if everything needed is there. If the blinds that you have bought come up with a manual or instructions, then do follow those. If not, then we’re here to guide you thoroughly all along your journey.
  7. Make marks at the specific places with a pencil, where you intend to place the brackets of your blinds.
  8. Take the blind and hold it adjacent to the window casing. Mark the sides of the headrails on each side. In addition to this, mark another ¼ of the inch after the end of each headrail.
  9. As for the inside mounting, place the headrail on the internal side of the window casing. It should just be parallel to your handrail level. Mark below each end of the headrail.
  10. Take the brackets and hold them down to attach the bottom rails.
  11. Spot the positions where you’ll be drilling the pilot holes.
  12. Glide the handrails inside the pockets and click the hinges into the closed position of the rails.
  13. Drill the holes where screws will be put(that each bracket comes with two screws).
  14. Place the headrail within the brackets and click the bracket doors closed.
  15. Place the valance beside the headrail in the right position and make it stay on top of the valance clips.
  16. You can also hire our expert for the best blinds installation services in UAE.
  17. Secure the blind wand’s ending into the hook.


We do provide you with the Best blinds Installation services UAE where you can get your blinds fitted perfectly by our skilled professionals in absolutely the perfect way and at the most reasonable price.

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