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Make a valuable investment in shopping our eco-friendly and versatile coco coir mats in Dubai. We provide these luxury and affordable floor coverings to make your residential and commercial entrances exquisite and safe.

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Our Finely Crafted Mats Are Best For Indoor-Outdoor Styling

Fixit Design presents the most inspiring range for coco husk matting to enhance the exit or entryways of any residential and commercial setting. These naturally woven floor coverings are designed to endure the highest extent of foot activity daily while retaining their fibrous appearance.

Also, you can get coir mats Dubai with plastic or rubber backing to offer excellent moisture and slip resistance. To make your spaces more welcoming, safe, and charming, incorporate this coco matting in your indoors and outdoors. Our coconut husk rolls and runners will be the most unique, energy-efficient, and long-lasting addition to any space.

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Browse Latest Styles From Our Never Ending Mats Range

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Pick From The Classy Varieties Of Mats 2024

Discover our finest range with fascinating patterns, textures, prints, and neutral & solid colors for a warm welcome and exit.

Black Fleur
White Striped
White Striped
Rubber Backed
Rubber Backed
PVC Backed
PVC Backed
Moroccan Pattern
Moroccan Pattern
Lovers Knot
Lovers Knot
Initial Coir
Initial Coir
Black Inset Border
Black Inset Border

We Provide Unique Customization Options For Coco Floor Matting

Make your residential and commercial entryways elegant and comfortable by incorporating our bespoke floor coverings. To improve your indoor-outdoor experience, we provide you with various custom coir mats for an excellent fit for any space. Our custom treatment covers the following aspects:

Designs that can be simple, textured, and logo-crafted.

Thickness of 12, 17, and 23mm for any space’s suitability.

Colors with light to dark shades and custom-carved textures.

Sizes can be personalized from small to large to fit the frame.

Shapes can be round, half-moon, square, oval, and many more.

Best Coir Mats Dubai

Our Eco-Friendly Matting With Inspiring Designs

Durable Coir Mats Dubai

What Features Make Our Coir Matting Worth Investing In?

Invest in our high-quality coconut husk coir mat in Dubai to maximize the comfort, elegance, and functionality at its best. Our high-performance floor coverings will unfold various notable attributes that are listed here:

Highly versatile, available in numerous styles.

Resistant to moisture, UV rays, and worn out.

Renewable, hypoallergenic, and safer choice.

Great flooring choice for a highly crowded space.

Keeps the dirt at bay from entering any premises.

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The Best Coir Mats Suppliers In Dubai, UAE

As the leading coir door mat manufacturers and providers, we provide you with incredibly durable and eco-friendly floor covering options at reasonable prices. Whether it’s pre-made or custom coir runner mats, you can get quality assurance.

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Why Choose Us To Buy Coir Mats Dubai Online?

Fixit Design offers the most unique, hard-wearing, and environment-friendly collection of coco matting in Dubai. You can trust our floor-covering services because we provide you with the:

Safe & Hygienic Option

Long-lasting Solution

100% Natural Matting

Free Swatches & Quotations

Quickest Delivery

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Review The Positive Feedback From Our Clients

Look at the reviews from our customers to know how our matting services have benefitted them.

I was in search of a unique floor covering for my apartment’s entryway. I came across this store and checked their collection. Getting inspired by the unique designs, I got one customized for my space. It’s the perfect fit for my space, thanks!

Balaj Kaleem

The coco matting by this brand for my bedroom’s entrance was the best purchase. This eco-friendly and soft floor covering with a welcoming logo looks so charming that I received plenty of praiseful comments. Best collection!

Zarlish Ahwad

I got a pair of coconut husk floor coverings for the main entrances of my home. They kept informing me about the delivery process and I received it at my doorstep. I would like to recommend Fixit Design for the quality services!

Awaimer Shah

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! These coco husk floor coverings are designed to be placed at the entrances of any space. With a stabilized plastic backing, they can be used outdoors while enduring the highest foot activity, harsh sunlight exposure, and temperature fluctuations.

These floor coverings are made from natural materials, however, they are not completely waterproof. They are better suited for dry environments but they can withstand the moist conditions of the outdoors.

The fibrous coconut husk material involved in their manufacturing is renewable. That’s why, it is an eco-friendly option. Also, it is the most sustainable, easy to care for, and hypoallergenic solution to be used as floor covering.

You can find these area-covering elements with variable thicknesses to be aligned according to the intended space’s foot traffic. From the available options of 12, 17, and 23mm, 17mm is the suitable choice for most cases.

Definitely! They are worth the choice because they are a sustainable, hypoallergenic, and cost-effective addition to any place whether entryways or mudrooms. You can add them in the areas with frequent foot traffic.

Efficient Coir Mats Dubai

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