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Buy Our Heavy-duty Curtains Rods Dubai, UAE

#1 Curtains Rods Dubai

Fixit Design is at your service with another excellent window treatment hardware, which is Curtains Rods. These high-quality and heavy-duty rods will make your curtains ideally useful and long-lasting too! Purchase them online to get a flat 20% OFF.

#1 Curtains Rods Dubai

Sturdy Materials

High-end Finishes

Versatile Designs


Best Curtains Rods Dubai
Modern steel rods for curtains

Years of Experience

What Benefit Do You Get From Our Serviceable Curtain Rods?

Our sublime quality rods for curtains, other than being the foundational element, also serve decorative purposes to make your window decor stand out. They can withstand even the heaviest curtains and will make your lives easier with the smoothest curtain working.

Besides, our rods can be a true savior for you if you are bored with your curtains but don’t want an expensive upgrade. These poles will make it easy to move your curtains in Dubai as much as you need and will also make them appear more presentable.





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Our Latest Collection Of Curtain Rods

Check out these trendsetting rod styles. It’s high time you flaunt your curtains with the finest hardware!

Adjustable Rods
Adjustable Rods
Traverse Rods
Traverse Rods
Tension Rods
Tension Rods
Standard Rods
Standard Rods
Double Rods
Double Rods
Magnetic Rods
Magnetic Rods
Decorative Rods
Decorative Rods
Cafe Rods
Cafe Rods
We Deliver to All Areas in Dubai

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Purposeful Curtain Rod Types We Offer

Whether you’re about to create a new window theme or need to make functional touch-ups to an existing one, we have the best elements available for every requirement. Also, we’ve got both elaborate and minimal options to cater to every taste. Here are some timeless recommendations:

Double Curtain Rods: Support dual curtain panels and are great for simultaneous functionalities like room darkening and brightening.

Swing Arm Rods: Excellent for sidelight windows and French doors; their 180-degree swinging allows easy window/door opening.

Bay Window Rods: Favorable in improving the attractiveness and functionality of bay windows and making rooms appear spacious.

Traverse Rods Dubai: Easy to operate, are not quite visible, allow layered window treatments, and can be installed on ceilings.

Classic Curtains Rods Dubai
Durable Curtains Rods Dubai

Factors That Make Our Curtain Rods Useful

Our rods work as the most crucial element for most window themes. Other than curtains, you can also employ them for mounting window blinds in a tidy way. You’re meant to experience exceptional convenience while using our stylish and high-performance rods among all curtain hanging methods. Following are the rest of the benefits

Fuller and luxurious curtain appearance

Maximum privacy protection and ease of light control

Prevention of curtain panel falling & sagging

Plenty of room for various curtain/blind panels

Traditional decorative touch for every interior

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Offer Hurry Up!

Get Affordable Rod Installations From Us

We also offer rod fitting and removal services to make new window decor additions easy. You can have our assistance for dealing with both new and old curtain setups and all sorts of curtain hanging styles.

Efficient Curtains Rods Dubai
Elegant Curtains Rods Dubai
Finest Curtains Rods Dubai

Why Choose Us for Curtains Rods Dubai?

Fixit Design is the most trustworthy source to get all your interior improvement essentials. Reach out to have tailored services and create valuable decors!

Free Doorstep Material Sample Delivery

Free Window/Door/Skylight Measurements

24/7 Consultation Service Availability

Cost-effective Curtain Rod Fitting Treatments

Quick Old Hardware Removal Services

Custom Rod Designing And Sizing

Admiration From Recent Customers

Based on 9,335 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

The best rod is the one that is capable of holding the panel’s weight. Besides it should extend enough on both sides to provide complete privacy and light control. Also, it must be sturdy so as not to get affected by frequent curtain movements. Metal and wooden ones work great.

The cost of curtain rods in Dubai starts from 50 AED and can reach up to 200 to 300 AED, depending on the material, size, and style. Generally, plastic and PVC rods are more affordable as compared to those made of sturdy and deluxe materials like wood, metal, brass, or aluminum.

This entirely depends on the type of curtains you’ll be having. In the case of heavier curtains, metal, wooden, and aluminum rods work best, whereas plastic rods can be suitable for lightweight drapes. If a luxurious decor is your preference, then you should choose brass or stainless steel.

In the case of lightweight or sheer curtains, the rod should be 0.5 inch to 0.75 inch thick. For medium-weight curtains, rod thickness should be 0.75 inches to 1 inch. As for heavier curtains, a rod that is 1.5 inches or 2 inches thick will work best and ensure smooth, frequent movements.

This depends on the kind of look you want to create. If you seek an opulent window look and room decor, you should hang your rod maximally closer to the ceiling. It will make the window(s) appear elongated and offer better coverage. Do otherwise in case of casual rooms.

First Class Curtains Rods Dubai

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