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Best Service Provider of Flooring Dubai

Do you need any flooring Dubai service? Fixit Design is the best flooring service provider in Dubai, UAE. We are providing complete flooring in Dubai service from scraping floor to rebuild, we have a wide range of textures, color, pattern, and all types of flooring panel, we’re offering wooden flooring, vinyl flooring, SPC flooring, laminate flooring, and parquet flooring installation at 30% discounted price.

Fixit design entertain their customer uniquely, we have infinite customer support and professional handyman staff; so when you ask for any fixing job, our dedicated customer support agent understands your problem, sends a fleet of team rapidly and continuously interact with you till completion of the job to give you extended value and comfort.

Wooden Flooring

Give your floors a natural décor and ultimate style

Fixit Design has state of the art technology and made intuitive wooden flooring to meet your style and last longer. We’re promising, we have thousands of hand-crafted wood flooring collections that you can’t found elsewhere. Our unbeatable range of colors, textures, patterns, and sizes are specially built for domestic and commercial use. Our wooden floors bring dreamy décor and add ultimate style to your grey flooring Dubai.

Whether you need classic, modern, or contemporary warmth, Fixit design wooden flooring comes to perfectly match with every taste and need. Fixit Design guarantees the best professional flooring installation service at an affordable price in Dubai.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate your floors with a stunning and elegant look

If you want to buy the world’s best laminate flooring type, need for best flooring service, and looking for the simply amazing price; Fixit Design can fulfill your all needs. Fixit Design in Dubai is a one-stop-shop for complete flooring service. We offer a wide range of laminate floorings, comprehensive flooring repair, or installation service and we’re a pioneer in offering customize prints upon laminate flooring panels across Dubai.

Our exclusive laminate flooring prints give your rooms or offices perfect blossoming transformation and quality built demands low maintenance even in the high traffic areas. Fixit design not only offers a laminate flooring Dubai panel, but we also provide efficient installation service, and our laminate sheets are integrated with AC3 rating and last longer multiple years.

Hospital Flooring

Its Hygiene not ordinary

Every hospital needs a unique and uniform appearance to keep the environment peaceful, sensational, and hygiene. Hospitals usually looking for easy to clean, easy to maintain, durable, and withstand high traffic floorings. Fixit Design brings innovative solutions for hospitals, we uniquely engineered floorings for hospitals. Our hospital flooring provides you with soothing designs, adequate grip, and comfort underfoot along with high durability to give ultimate high performance for everyday use.

Our hospital flooring is rigorously tested for safety measures and comes with various compatible color and dedicated color code flooring Dubai patches for emergency rooms, patient rooms, corridors, labs, and conference rooms. We have homogeneous, heterogeneous, and Mondo rubber floor coverings to give your hospital a uniform appearance with durability.

Kitchen Flooring

Get true affection for your kitchen

The kitchen needs more durable flooring to withstand shuffling feet, high heating, splashes, and thick oil stains. Kitchen flooring in Dubai needs more attention to detail while installation, if you didn’t consider these key points you’ll lose all investment in it. Fixit Design brings high quality, stain, heat & water-resistant kitchen flooring to last longer.

We have the toughest flooring wear to bear high traffic, dents, and scratches to give your kitchen floor an extended life span. Our laminate kitchen flooring required almost zero maintenance, give you a natural finish and impressive textures. If you really want luxury kitchen flooring, hire us now, we’ll transform your kitchen guaranteed to ensure a warm and contemporary feel.

Spc Flooring

Extraordinary sturdy and original

SPC flooring Dubai is engineered with a glimpse of modern technology, it builds with stone plastic composites. SPC flooring panels are a combination of vinyl planks, wood, and stones. It is the official ambassador of the sturdiest and long-lasting flooring. SPC is considered as virtually indestructible and an ideal choice for commercial uses.

SPC flooring provides you with adhesive rigidity, ultimate durability, and a waterproof flooring solution. Fixit design has an exclusive collection of 100% virgin vinyl PVC material SPC flooring to give your commercial environment uniform flooring to tolerate high temperatures, heavy item loads, and scratches. Fixit Design also offers floor removal and installation services at affordable prices.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring complementing your style perfectly

Vinyl flooring is the latest and fancier way to renovate your home or commercial flooring Dubai. It provides a timeless transformation to furnish or upgrade your floors instantly. Vinyl floorings are easy to install, easy to clean, and have tough characteristics to last longer even in high traffic spaces.

Fixit Design has a versatile range to give your home the trendiest and sophisticated look. Whether you like oak planks or marble look in your kitchen or toiletries, our vinyl flooring collection has ceramic, wood, and marble stone finishes along with hundreds of color shades, designs, and styles to match your taste and need. Fixit Design vinyl flooring tiles built to resist moisture and stains, it comes with adhesive back locking for complimentary installation.

Parquet Flooring

Carve your own style with parquet wood flooring

Parquet wood flooring is a traditional name elegance and wealth, but Fixit Design brings parquet flooring Dubai for all at very reasonable prices. We fitted geometric blocks of wood uniquely to design custom parquet flooring. We have a large range of stunning parquet designs and also tailor the custom parquet flooring to matches your lifestyle and ergonomic home décor.

Fixit design made different styles and shapes in parquet floorings, we also have over a dozen finishes, colors, and textures for your every space. Parquet wooden flooring is not easy to install, Fixit design in Dubai has a professional team to done perfectly every home improvement job. Hire us confidently, we make your space truly beautiful with our flooring.

EPDM Flooring

Aesthetic, Functional, and Hygiene

Fixit Design brings the most innovative and supreme quality EPDM flooring solutions that comply with over a dozen of applications perfectly. It is uniquely engineered with a glimpse of technology and comprises a combination of EPDM granules, planks, and binders. It is the sturdiest, shock-resistant, anti-skid, and long-lasting EPDM rubber flooring option. It is the best suited and cost-effective option for residential and commercial use.

Usually, rubber granules flooring is considered best for playgrounds, gyms, ponds, parks, pools, walkways, motor homes, and interior/exterior workout places. Fixit Design has a versatile collection of EPDM flooring in various colors, textures, and designs. We’re also offering custom-made EPDM rubber tiles and EPDM rubber flooring installation at affordable rates.

Epdm Flooring Dubai

Engineered Wood Flooring

High-quaiity, Real Wood Top Layer

Engineered Wood Flooring Dubai provides the best stability more than the natural solid wood floor. It is because of the way the floor is made. We craft our Engineered Wooden Flooring Abu Dhabi by pasting the timber wood layers under high pressure to make them durable and long-lasting. Our engineered wood floor can withstand high and low temperatures. Solid wood usually expands with the change in temperature that can lead to warping and permanent damage, but the engineered wooden flooring has nothing to do with the temperature change. It remains the same and is a more stable flooring type.

The unique construction of our Engineered Wood Flooring Dubai is moisture and humidity resistant than the 100% natural wooden flooring. This flooring is the best solution for underfloor heating. In addition to this, engineered wood flooring can be gilded via tongue and groove or click installation system. This system allows the process of installation to become easier and quicker. It eradicates the need of using adhesives and nails.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Classic Parquet Flooring Dubai

Have The Alluring Decorative Effect!

Fixit Design brings you Classic Parquet Flooring Dubai with huge excellence to enhance your sweet home. We have plenty of Classic Vintage Parquet Flooring designs that comprise a contrast of wooden blocks to create different floor patterns.

Our parquet flooring for sale gives a unique and exceptional appearance with its geometric, herringbone, and mosaic patterns made from inlaid wooden pieces. The patterns are mostly entirely in geometrical and angular shapes–with squares, triangles and lozenges but they may contain curves too. We have the most charming designs available in classic Parquet Flooring Dubai. We bring you the flooring with royal origins with a trendy twist.

Classic Parquet Flooring Dubai

Vinyl Click Flooring Dubai

Waterproof, Extremely Durable, Ample Variety

If you want to glorify your floor, then our vinyl click flooring Dubai is the best option for your floors. We are providing an amazing range of colors and designs in our vinyl click flooring so that you can choose flooring according to your interior.

We supply high-quality Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring Abu Dhabi to our customers so that they can rely on us. Our vinyl flooring is famous among customers due to its long-lasting properties. We not only provide flooring but also give installation services for the vinyl click flooring Dubai. You can get all our services at pocket-friendly rates.

Vinyl Click Flooring Dubai


Weatherproof, Practical, Easy To Maintain

LVT flooring Dubai is a well-known easy maintenance solution for residential and commercial areas. As a practical yet adaptable option in contrast to tiled and hardwood, LVT is capable of enhancing the designs to complement the stunning looks. Offering the best aesthetic look of wood flooring, LVT becomes a priority option for those who want natural-looking spaces. Luxury vinyl tile Abu Dhabi is the most finished form of LVT flooring.

While thinking about another hard floor for your home or business, you will think about the well-known flooring alternatives, for example, vinyl floor, solid or engineered wood flooring, vinyl tiles, etc. However, with the expanding number of individuals needing a polished floor that is useful and simple to keep up, at that point luxury vinyl flooring or LVT is getting popular in the flooring industry.

Luxury LVT Flooring Dubai

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