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#1 Furniture Paint Designs Dubai

Fixit Design is here to help you with every furniture improvement, styling, and revamping requirement through the magic of Furniture Paint Dubai. Our painting and polishing services will save you plenty of money!

#1 Furniture Paint Designs Dubai
Elegant Finishes

High-end Finishes

Long-lasting Results

Exceptional Beauty

Value Enhancement

Affordable polishing services of furniture

Enjoy Your Dream Decors With Our Furniture Painting

Our exclusive painting, staining, and polishing services are available for new and old furniture items. We can customize the look of an item you’ve just bought or refurbish the one that is old and deteriorating. We have premium-quality paints available for every requirement and you can make any piece timelessly valuable with our treatments.

So if you’ve been bored with your place’s decor and need a pocket-friendly upgrade, head to our store or talk to our experts online for the most efficient solutions. Here are a few paint types we offer for every home and workspace furnishing.

Latex Paints

Satin Acrylic Paints

Metallic Paints

Chalk Paints

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We Offer Painting Services All Over Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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Furniture Transformations On Our Credit

Following are some of the images from our past projects, depicting how we improved both the look and worth of different furniture items.

Tray Tables
Tray Tables
Living Room
Living Room

Get Affordable Furniture Polish Services

If you don’t really want a complete appearance change for your furniture, we can also polish it for you. This incredible servicing can give an entirely new, seamless, and attractive look to any item, highlighting its beauty and preserving its allure. It is particularly beneficial for valuable stuff like vintage furniture or those pieces with which you have a sentimental attachment.

Wooden, Brass, Leather, Silver, Metal and Aluminum Items

Tables, Shelves, Chairs, Frames, Headboards, Armchairs, etc.

Outdoor Structures and furniture pieces

Workspace, commercial, and event furnishing

Matte, Glossy, Satin, Waxed and Oil-based finishes

Furniture Polish Service

Furniture Painting For Commercial Furniture

Professional Paint Service For Furniture

Reasons For Getting Our Furniture Paint Services

Our efficient paint jobs will help you save a reasonable amount of money on furniture upgrades. Whether you seek a few changes or an entire transformation, our painting service is the smartest, most budget-friendly, and most cost-effective idea for every improvement goal.

Revitalizing every boring, outdated, or unattractive item in no time.

Long-term preservation of valuable, vintage, and/or sentimental furniture.

100% eco-friendly paints which also offer health benefits.

Quick and all-inclusive upgrade with damage treatments.

It is the Best way to customize and beautify every item.

Looking For Furniture Painting In Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Got Any One-of-a-kind Furniture? Protect It With Our Servicing

For those of you having furniture pieces that no longer get manufactured, our furniture polish services and paint jobs will be the ultimate savior. We offer affordable deals for every polish and paint treatment to prolong your investments.

Classic Blinds Furniture Paint
Elegant Painted Furniture In Dubai
Top Notch Paint Service

Why Choose Us For Furniture Paint Dubai?

At Fixit Design, you’ll get endless possibilities for furniture styling, that too, entirely on a budget. We have custom solutions for every requirement!

Premium-quality Paints

Maximum UV-proofing

Stain-resistant Finishes

Easy-to-clean Surfaces

Water-resistant Polishes

Effective Disinfection

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

A few options that work well for furniture are Latex, Oil-based, Mineral, Chalky, Acrylic, Urethane Enamel, and Spray Paints. If it’s wooden furniture, oil-based or latex paints are the ideal choice. Whereas, in the case of metal furniture, one should make use of oil-based paints.

Yes, an already painted furniture can be painted again, but the existing paint has to be in good condition and there must be no extreme surface damage. In addition, it is important to consider the paint as well as sealant type. For instance, a water-based paint cannot be used on top of an oil-based paint.

Yes, sanding is an important step in every paint job. Sanding a piece of furniture makes the new paint adhere properly and ensures a smooth finish. Besides, sanding leads to the formation of rough ridges where the new paint can stick effectively and it also helps get rid of imperfections.

Painting a furniture item is not generally costly, in fact, it’s a really efficient and budget-friendly way to change the look of an item and/or customize it. Usually, the expenses of an all-inclusive furniture painting are around AED 50 and AED 500 for small and large pieces respectively.

Professional painters make use of latex, acrylic, water-based or oil-based cabinet enamel paint. All these options are fairly easy to deal with, offer smooth finishes and last long as well. It is crucial to hire experts for every furniture paint job in order to ensure optimum results.

Reliable Furniture Paint Service

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Additional Amenities To Benefit From

Other than the most excellent painting services, we ensure assisting you with a range of other aspects to make home improvements maximally convenient for you.

  • Rapid Servicing in all parts of Dubai
  • Furniture pick-up and delivery
  • Quick price quotations and estimates
  • Furniture damage and repair treatments
  • Amazing discount deals
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