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Best Furniture Services Dubai

furniture services Dubai are providing many companies in UAE as you know furniture has a unique importance in-home or office décor and comes in numerous styles, forms, and designs. Furniture also has specific durability and life; and after all, they required re-upholstery or repairing. In our versatile blend of services, Fixit design is also offering complete furniture repairing at your doorstep.

Fixit Design loves its customers and helps them in fixing every job. We represent the most competitive rates and quality workmanship to meet everyone’s taste and budget. Fixit design providing the best Furniture Services Dubai perfectly with style and creativity. Once you get our services you’ll feel you’re in the right hands.

Sofa Repair

Let’s recreate your sofa

No one can deny the importance of sofa in furniture and interior décor as well. But due to the rough use of sofas, they tear and damage a little earlier than expected life. Fixit design saves your money by offering Furniture Services Dubai like sofa upholstery service. Now you don’t need to buy a new sofa pair; Fixit design offers complete sofa upholstery, covering, cushion refilling, and sofa reupholstery services to give your padded chairs and sofa a luxurious new look.

We also have broad ranges of cushion refills, spring coils, covering fabrics from faux leather to velvet & linen, and multiple stitching style options to give a more elegant and stylish feel. Our certified professionals pay key attention to every detail and upholster sofa perfectly.

furniture services

Sofa Upholstery

Capture the innovation”

Sofa falls in pricey decor items of interior and usually, it seems more expensive to replace the sofa upon little damage, dents, scratch, or fading. Fixit design brings an innovative solution to restore your sofa in a new shape. We have specialized sofa repairers who repair your sofas and give them a new life. We provide the best Furniture Services Dubai.

Whether your sofa needs micro fixing or required large repairs, we handle all kinds of sofa repairing jobs efficiently. We’re offering sofa frame repairing, spring replacement, coil alignment, edge roll replacements, breakage repairing, and wooden patch adjustment, in short, you’ll get the complete sofa repair service at your doorstep along with a 30% discount on the price.

furniture services

Bed Upholstery

Renovate the beauty of your bed

Whether you’re looking for bed head upholstery, or need a foam refill or want to upholster custom size bed cushions; Fixit design has been handling all your bed upholstery jobs since 2014. We have a prominent name in providing cost-effective service with the excellence of work. Get our Furniture Services Dubai to make your furniture new.

Our professional fleet of technicians understands your job, describes everything, and upholster your bed intuitively precisely to give a stunning look. Fixit Design has a broad range of plush fabrics, covering and cushioning to give your bed a new life. We also have state of the art sewer to stitch the covering matched with style, we also offer to customize thick dual stitching to add more glamour.

furniture services

Bed Repair

Restore freshness

Fixit design restore your old beds, repair damages, and replenish them with great looks. Fixit Design brings 8-point unique Furniture Services Dubai like repairing process, either your bed needs coil replacement, head repairing, water-resistant coating, frame repairing, or anything; our well-trained carpenters examine the whole bed and perform the repairing efficiently in no time.

You’ll mesmerize to see how professionally we repair your bed and bring it back to a new life. We also have imported polishes to bring a unique finish and look. Fixit design has responsive customer support to entertain your queries, a dozen fleet of technicians, rapid response patrol mobiles to fix any Furniture Services Dubai job at any time.

Furniture Upholstery

Your imagination, our creation

If you’re tired with your old furniture pressed cushioning, dull look, sturdy armrest, or ripped coverings; fixing design offers you complete Furniture Services Dubai of repairing and upholstery service at amazingly cheaper prices. Fixit design is also giving you another unmatched convenience, now you don’t need to spend money bringing your furniture essentials to our showroom; Fixit design is committed to offering all services at your doorstep without any additional cost, unlike others.

We offer a wide range of furniture upholstery, custom cushions, foam refills, chairs padding, and bed-head Upholstery Services Dubai at affordable rates and we’re pioneers to formulate laminate coating to protect furniture from fading. Call us now to get this kind of great service on a single phone call.

Furniture Repair

Experience the delights of wood

Fixit design is the best furniture service provider in Dubai. Fixit design makes your furniture reusable and gives them a fascinating look. We repair furniture efficiently and bring memories back, you’re holding with them. We repair kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, bed, sofa, dining table, bed frame, bedhead, wooden doors, and chairs; our services include wood restoration, edge roll replacement, lumbar support & patching, webbing, refilling, coil replacement, and spring alignments.

We also offer rich polish coatings to protect your furniture from dents, scratches, and scars. Fixit design does everything in furniture services Dubai & repairing service at the most competitive prices. To get the best repair services in Dubai, we’re just a call away.

Arabic Majlis

Represent yourself

A fabulous Anatolian culture and Arabic Majlis tradition is popular all over the world, especially in the East region. Arabic Majlis theme creates a cozy and vibrant place to spend a memorable time with guests. Fixit Design brings the combination of East tradition and modern style to give your places a unique glorious look.

We pay attention to traditional interior designing in Dubai and create an enduring flair of decoration. Fixit design has a broad antique collection to give your space ergonomic textures, rich patterns, a unique wall-to-wall theme, and a glossy pattern ceiling. We also have Furniture Services Dubai, parquet wooden tables, decorative chairs, well-upholstered sofas, and contrasting rugs; Fixit design carefully carves everything and transforms your imagination into customized Arabic Majlis.

Outdoor Furniture

Let us raise the outdoor furniture look

We’re all surrounds by furniture, it takes a big part in decor as well as the overall interior everywhere. Whether we’re in the office, hotel, home, or anywhere, furniture gives us comfort & convenience. Fixit Design offers a complete indoor/outdoor furniture range and maintenance service too.

We’re providing lounge chairs, bar stools, sectional sofas, chaise lounges, fire sets, counter seats, serving carts, coffee tables as well as we can provide you with customize love sets and rocker chairs. Fixit Design also specializes in furniture services like repairing and provides you with reliable outdoor furniture repair service. We efficiently take care of your furniture, make them reusable, and enhance the furnish like new.

Office Furniture

Let’s shimmer your office

Fixit Design is a master of office interior decors and office furniture services Dubai; we have multiple years’ experience in carving the uniform appearance of the office. Fixit Design helps you to make your office look more elegant and professional.

We offer you everything from new office furniture to furniture replacement, restoration to repairing; mean we provide you with every service at your doorstep. Our exclusive office essentials include all kinds of seating, desks, reception tables, and cabinets; not it all, we’re also providing you furniture repairing service. Whether your office chair needs webbing, desk edge roll breaks, or cabinet need to be polished; our professional technicians can revamp your old furniture efficiently and give them a new life.

Balcony Furniture 

We truly recreate your balcony with affection

Fixit Design adds a vibrant look to your balconies. We create endure an intimate warm environment to make your balcony beautiful than ever. Fixit Design has an ergonomic design balcony Furniture Services Dubai to redefine the space. We have outdoor patio furniture, barbecues tables, chaise lounges, rocker chairs, and a bistro to meet every sense of style.

Fixit Design is also offering balcony furniture repairing and upholstery in UAE; our certified handyman re-alive your balcony furniture efficiently and create a cohesive look. No matter how small or large your balcony, Fixit design can simply upgrade the balcony and harness with custom-made couches, pillows, carpeting & antiques.

PVC Folding Door

Stay cool with our PVC Folding Door Dubai this Summer

PVC Folding Door Dubai is the most effective solution for the crossing of air from your lawn to the rooms. In summer everyone wants fresh air in their place, so our folding doors enable the fresh air to enter your place. They are perfect for large and for small areas. PVC foldable doors not only allow you to enjoy fresh air but also beautify your place.

You can install them even in the closest place because the opening and closing systems of our doors are amazing. Opening up the part of your home to the natural environment uplift your children to play outside. Furthermore, our PVC Folding Door Dubai can adjust with every type of interior so you don’t need to worry about the theme of your decor.

Efficient PVC Folding Door Dubai

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