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Make A Wise Decision By Using Our Furniture Upholstery Dubai For Your Old Furniture

Upholstery of furniture is always the wisest decision ever made regarding furniture. Buying new furniture requires a lot of money, so people who want to save their money always select Furniture Upholstery Dubai. We are offering the most reliable services for upholstery leather for all types of furniture, so now you can efficiently utilize your old furniture and transform it into a new one according to your requirements.

Upholstery is also beneficial for the environment because when you are using your old furniture again and again, the environment doesn’t have to bear the burden of old furniture as a waste. People who want to keep their environment clean always choose us for outdoor furniture upholstery. If you also want to renew your furniture, then call us now and book your order.

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Completely Change The Looks of Your Furniture With Our Furniture Upholstery Dubai

We have professionally trained staff for Furniture Upholstery Dubai for all types of furniture. As a result, we have the ability to completely transform the appearance of your furniture and make it highly desirable for your home. With the help of our re-upholstery services, you can even use the oldest furniture you have in your storeroom.

People also select us when they are in love with their old furniture and never want to change it, but the condition of the furniture doesn’t allow them to use it anymore. They contact our customer care staff to help them, and we will completely change their furniture according to their instructions, so they can use it again for years with just a little maintenance.

Upholstery of Sofas

We Have An Extensive Collection of Fabric For Upholstery of Sofas, Tables, Headboards

We provide furniture upholstery Dubai services for couches, sofas, chairs, cushions, tables, headboards, and anything else that needs to be renewed before it can be used again. There are many things that we change during the upholstery of furniture, such as springs, webbing, seats, padding, and fabric or leather covers. The most important thing in all of these is the fabric, because people want their furniture to look perfect.

We guarantee you that we will use premium-quality material for the upholstery fabrics of the furniture. Our company also gives you the option to select the fabric of the upholstery from our collection of the latest styles and designs of fabric. Leather, faux leather, velvet, cotton, acrylic, rayon, linen, wool, nylon, and silk are the main fabrics for upholstery.

Headboard Upholstery

Headboard Upholstery
Dining Chair Upholstery

Dining Chair Upholstery

We are also offering upholstered chairs for all our customers in all types of dining areas. We can offer chairs for kitchens, chairs with dining tables, and countertop upholstered stools for all types of kitchens, no matter if your kitchen is in American style or in traditional style. Our dining chairs are comfortable, so everyone can use them according to their needs.

Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

Many people think that outdoor upholstered furniture is not safe because it can be easily damaged by rain or weather changes. However, you should be aware that we provide amazing Furniture Upholstery Dubai services to our customers that are completely waterproof and weatherproof. The rates for our outdoor furniture are also very reasonable.

Outdoor Furniture Upholstery
Armchair Upholstery

Armchair Upholstery

We are the best upholstery shop all over the UAE that offers our customers the most stylish and latest collection of armchair upholstery services. The fabric that we use in the upholstery is very fine and of good quality, so you can upholster your armchairs with our experts.

Sofa Cushion Upholstery

We are also offering cushion upholstery for all types of indoor and outdoor cushions. We never skimp on the quality of the materials used in the upholstery of pillows or floor cushions. You can select the fabric, design, style, and size of your cushions on your own, and we will make a fully customized cushion for your couches and sofas.

Sofa Cushion Upholstery
Chair Upholstery

Chair Upholstery

If you are looking for furniture upholstery near me, you have come to the right place because we provide highly durable upholstery for chairs, making them more long-lasting and appealing. We can also reupholster the sofa according to the demands of the customer at highly affordable rates.

Cost-Effective Upholstery Services

Always Hire Us For Cost-Effective Upholstery Services

Furniture upholstery Dubai costs a lot of money in Dubai these days. That’s why we decided to provide cost-effective upholstery services to all our customers, so they will never have to face any difficulty when thinking about the upholstery of their furniture. We have set standard prices for all the things that are needed for the dining chair upholstery.

We never compromise on the quality of our services and try our best to provide good quality materials to our customers which can last a long time. We import many materials from all over the world for sofa upholstery near me. That’s the reason people always trust us for our sofa cushion upholstery services.

Breathtaking Benefits of Having Furniture Upholstery

There are too many benefits of having furniture upholstery Dubai. Some of the most prominent benefits of having upholstery from us are:

  • It provides you with an opportunity to get all the things on the sofa according to your choice.
  • You can select the foam, fabric, springs, and all the other things according to your needs.
  • It is highly reasonable as compared to buying new furniture.
  • Our upholstery is very durable and resistant to all types of damage.
  • The life of our upholstery is about 15 to 20 years with little maintenance.

Our Proven Success

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I hired Fixit Design for the upholstery of my old sofa and two chairs. These people did a great job and completed my project in just 2 days. The materials that they use in the furniture upholstery in Dubai are just amazing. They also don’t charge high rates for their services. I am pleased with their performance, and I will hire them again for the upholstery services whenever I need them.


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Why Choose Us?

We are one of the best furniture upholstery Dubai providers in the UAE. People trust us when they need upholstery services. They know that we will never compromise on the quality of materials that we use during the upholstery process. The rates of all our services are also very reasonable.

Fixit Design is a well-known brand for the upholstery of sofas and couches. We are ready to serve our customers in the best way. We also offer bed upholstery, armchair upholstery, sofa upholstery, and table upholstery. So hire us now and get amazing discounts.