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#1 Quality Garage Flooring Dubai

Fixit Design is a renowned supplier of Garage Flooring in Dubai and also provides complete installation services. Our flooring can be used for both residential and commercial garages and best suits all activities.

#1 Quality Garage Flooring Dubai
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Extremely Heavy-duty

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Impact Proof

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Treat Your Garages With Our Premium Flooring UAE

Our best garage floor coating will provide a presentable, comfortable, and hard-wearing surface for vehicle parking and maintenance or repair tasks. This floor covering is available in formats and finishes for every requirement and design preference. You can also benefit from it as a heavy-duty workshop flooring at commercial levels.

The material and measurement options we offer are huge and will cater to every need of yours, whether it’s a completely new treatment or redoing, fixing, enhancing, etc.

Concrete Flooring

Vinyl Tiles

Stone Flooring

We Provide Unique Floor Finishes For Garage Areas

Following are a few examples of the garage and workshop flooring designs you can get from us. For any additional requirements, you can reach out to our experts.

Ribbed Flow
Orange Blue
Orange Blue
Floor Mats
Floor Mats
Carpet Mat
Carpet Mat
Truelock HDTX
Truelock HDTX
Ruuber Tiles
Rubber Tiles
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Premium Garage Floors In Dubai At Discount Rates

The rates of our garage flooring are highly discounted.

We Serve You With The Most Economical Flooring Installations

To help you have the most favorable and effortless garage floor treatments, we offer installation services for every type of flooring, coating, mats, and tiles. Our service will design the ideal garage for all your desired activities and commercial purposes. In addition to basic workshop flooring, you can also get custom floor finishes and sealing from us for the beautification of your garage area.

Seamless Floor Coverings

Smooth, Attractive Surfaces

Underfloor Heating Additions

Weather-resistant Floor Finishes

Fast Tile Fittings

Best Garage Flooring Dubai

Get Inspirations From Our Latest Garage & Workshop Flooring Projects

Affordable Garage Flooring Dubai

Garage Flooring Pros

Getting your home or commercial garages treated with our flooring products and services will keep you concern-free for years on end. This flooring is exceptionally hard-wearing and can provide well for every usage type and extent.

Our flooring will keep the tires of your vehicles free from all damage and deformation.

It will improve the walking safety and usage comfort of your garages, while also making them temperature-optimized and energy-efficient.

With our stain-resistant floor coatings and sealants, your garages and workshops will remain tidy and bright all the time.

All our floorings for garages are VOC-free and non-toxic, hence, they won’t cause any fuming or unpleasant odors.

These floorings will protect garage area floors for the longest periods and will improve your property value for several long-term benefits.

Floor Solutions For Commercial-grade Garages

Design Possibilities For Garage Flooring

To make your garages even more presentable and to improve their lighting conditions, we also offer painting, sealing, and finishing services with plenty of color choices. You can also get this servicing for our floor mats.

Customized Tile Garage Flooring Dubai
Classic Garage Flooring Dubai
Elegant Garage Flooring Dubai

Why Choose Us for Garage Flooring Dubai?

Fixit Design has been providing flooring products and services for commercial and industrial-grade use for decades in the UAE. Request quotes for your next garage treatments today!

Premium Construction Quality

High-end Floor Finishes

Free Flooring Samples

24/7 Consultations

Eco-friendly Treatments

Affordable Pricing Structures

Valuable Feedback From Our Previous Customers

If you need more validation regarding our car-port floor treatments, here are some appreciation messages from our recent customers.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the best flooring recommendations for garages are polished concrete, rubber tile, stone, vinyl, rigid polypropylene tiles, and epoxy. All of these options are heavy-duty, resilient to impact and temperature intensities, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. Besides, they are affordable too.

Fixit Design is the best company to get floor treatments for both residential and commercial garages. Here, you can find a vast range of heavy-duty flooring options, suitable for all sorts of outdoor use. Plus, affordable installations, measurements and consultations are available too.

Some of the most affordable floor covering ideas for concrete garage floors include the use of mats, interlocking tiles, and vinyl tiles. In addition, one can consider applying concrete or epoxy paint or concrete stain or sealer as a moderately heavy-duty floor treatment.

The best and most practical choices in this regard are neutral colors such as tan, grey or beige. Besides, a combination of black and light and dark grey can also be considered. These options are easy to maintain, conceal dirt well, and also prove useful in improving lighting conditions.

The standard thickness for garage flooring is 4 inches to 6 inches. As for professional garages or workshops, the thickness should be 6 to 9 inches. If you seek flooring with high resistance to crumbling, cracking, or the pressure of heavy vehicles, you should go for greater thickness.

Durable Garage Flooring Dubai

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