5 Modern Window Designs With Extra Benefits & Luxury Look


Windows are a vital part of every home. Without windows, a home is useless. When you are designing your home, spend a little extra on your windows to make them stylish and beneficial. Modern window designs are aesthetically pleasing and never fail to add value to your home. They play a mandatory role in making your home stylish and gorgeous.

Benefits of Having Modern Window Designs


Well, do not forget that trendy curtains or blinds are also a very important part of window design. Here at Fixit Design, you can buy some great quality modern blinds for windows. Anyhow take a look at the Modern Window Designs.


Single hung windows

Hung refers to an operable sash of the window. So basically, a single-hung window has two sashes. One is moveable and the other one is stationary. Usually, the upper sash is stationary and the bottom one can move so that the fresh air can come inside.

This window style is very common, and it looks wonderful. For crafting gorgeous windows at your residential or commercial places, you can explore the collection of the best curtains in Dubai. We can also suggest to you some great window blind designs.



Let’s move towards the next Modern Window Designs. In the double-hung window, both sashes open up for a good flow of air. They are actually more efficient. Cool air enters from the bottom and warm air escapes through the top.

If you have small children then you can just open the upper sash for their safety. These windows are easy to clean. For these windows, try our motorized house blinds. They will go absolutely best with your windows.



Casement windows have sashes that are attached to the window by a hinge. The hinge makes the slat able to open towards the outside. When combined in a bay of windows, this window design looks absolutely gorgeous. These windows have an energy-efficient design.

When the sash is open they let the maximum air come inside but when it is close, it does not let a single weave of air pass through. Anyhow the windows have size limitations. Well, no matter how beautiful your windows are, you need to cover them for privacy’s sake. Why don’t you try our blackout blinds? They will let your homies see the window while the blackout blinds will provide privacy as well.



Awning windows remain open from the bottom while hinged at the top. It forms a slope to the exterior awning. You can let your awning window remain open even in light rain. The slope of the modern window designs does not let the rain come inside.

These windows are great for ventilation while protecting you from the elements. They are usually placed higher on the wall so the light can come inside while maintaining your privacy. It is better to avoid these windows in high-traffic areas. You can leave the awning windows uncovered but it is better to cover them with some modern blinds for windows.



Hopper windows are the same as awnings but the difference between them is awnings are hinged from the top while they are hinged from the bottom. These windows are usually used for places that need ventilation like bathrooms, or basements.

You can install them in heavy-traffic areas as well. It is difficult to dress These windows but Fix It Design has a solution for every window. We have some great ideas to cover windows. We have some amazing window blind designs that will fit on your hopper windows.


With so many Window Designs, to choose from, it is important to install them where there is fine space for them. Moreover uncovered windows are like a fishbowl so they need to be covered. Your modern windows need to be covered with some trendy blinds and curtains. at FixIt Design, we have a collection of some great colourful blinds and stylish curtains. call us today and discuss your window size and design.

Our interior designer will suggest some nice curtains and blinds ideas for modern window designs. They will let you choose the best blinds or curtains for your window. From plain cotton curtains to motorized blinds, we have every type of curtain available in an exciting range of designs and colors. Also, you can place your order for custom-made blinds.

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