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Roman Blinds Dubai is made of specially designed fabric that forms pleats when it is raised. These blinds are constructed by mounting slats connected with cords into the fabric panel. When we lift the blind, the cord pulls the slats and lets the blind form pleats.

These blinds come in different fabrics like linen, cotton, silk, and synthetics. They are the best alternative to the curtains. Also, they come in various beautiful colors. Roman window blinds very effectively control light and offer full privacy. You can adjust Roman Blinds Dubai as per your mood. Use thermal lining if you need them to be extra efficient.

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Made To Measure Roman Blinds Dubai

Roman blinds are simple and contemporary blinds that hang flat and straight when dropped down, and form perfect pleats when they are raised. They are operated using so many vertical cords and made of top quality fabric.

Unlike modern counterparts, Roman Blinds Dubai is here for centuries.

These blinds are an evergreen product that never gets old or goes out of fashion and looks like an envelope made of fabric and lining. The lining is attached to the side of the fabric to make an envelope. When it is installed, it hangs flat and when you raise it, they form beautiful pleats.

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Impressed with the positive working attitude, product quality, delivery, and installation services of the fixitdesign team. The whole team worked in a friendly environment and fix these Roman Blinds Dubai so well and made them easy to operate for us. It was a great experience and no doubt I am so happy to have new blinds installed giving an attractive yet elegant look to my house. Excellent service. I would definitely shop again.

Tonya Moses

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Why Choose Roman Blinds?

Roman Blinds Dubai is beautiful and cost-effective window treatment. These blinds are a stylish window dressing that suits any home interior. Select the pattern, color, and fabric of your blinds according to your interior and see how flawless they look. Carefully take the measurements of your window before placing an order for your blinds. If they are oversized or undersized then they will be completely useless. 

Keep in mind that they are neither blackout nor light filtering. They lie between them. Roman Blinds Dubai only let very soft light come in. You can hang them in a hospital, home office, restaurant, etc. 

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