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Rubber flooring Dubai

Fixit Design is the top-tier provider of rubber tile and mat flooring for residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Our rubber tiles are the ideal alternative to costly floorings. 

Rubber flooring Dubai
Affordable Upfront Costs

Affordable Upfront Costs

Long Lasting Coverings

Long Lasting Coverings

Modular Options Availability

Modular Options Availability

All Subfloor Compatibility

All Subfloor Compatibility

Best Rubber Flooring Company in Dubai
Cheap Rubber Flooring in Dubai

Years of Experience

Get The Most Durable Rubber Floorings From Us!

Our rubber flooring makes the most useful, energy-efficient, economical and long-term favourable floor coverings. You can use them to treat and accentuate all floors of your choice, particularly those in your gyms and other areas meant for physical activities. We design these floorings with recycled and natural rubber, all of which are eco-friendly and sustainable. And if you’re the one who likes to make eco-conscious choices, nothing can be serviceable for you more than our rubber indoor & outdoor flooring.

You can have this heavy-duty and durable flooring in various attractive colors and even patterns per your area’s requirements. The designs of our Rubber Mats can be customized too!

Premium Material Selection

Fade Free Coverings

Effective Noise Dampening

Protection From Falling Equipment

Choose Our Best Rubber Flooring Samples

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We Deliver Rubber Floors to All Areas in Dubai

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Showcasing Our Trendy Rubber Floor Varieties

Up ahead, you can see all our best-selling rubber home & office flooring solutions. They are all available at truly pocket-friendly rates. Grab your favorite designs now!

Rubber Mats
Rubber Mats
Anti Slip Rubber Floors
Anti Slip Rubber Floors
Rubber Flooring in Dubai
Luxury Rubber Floors
Rubber Flooring in Dubai
Rubber Mats for Hotels
Rubber Flooring in Dubai
Rubber Mat for Basement
Rubber Flooring in Dubai
Rubber Floors For Hospital
Rubber Flooring in Dubai
Gym Rubber Tiles
Rubber Flooring in Dubai
Rubber Floor For Gym

Hire Us For Flawless Rubber Floor Installations

As the best flooring shop, we ensure that we serve you with all the excellence under one roof, therefore providing fast, budget-friendly, and efficient flooring installations. In addition to new fittings, you can also get fixes and enhancements for former floorings. Moreover, we provide custom laying patterns and design ideas for rubber tile flooring.

Gyms, Sports Facilities, Grounds

Commercial Interiors And Workspaces

Hospitals And Healthcare Facilities

Basement, Laundry Rooms, And Garages

Nurseries, Playing Areas, And Arenas

Best rubber flooring in UAE

Our Recently Installed Projects Given Below

Luxury rubber floor tiles

Benefits Of Having Rubber Flooring In Your Place

Our rubber tile and mat flooring is one of the most versatile, hard-wearing, and cost-effective floor treatments. It can be used at every level and offers comfortable, warm, and healthy interiors and the safest spaces for all your fitness activities.

Creates thick, cushioned, and comfortable surfaces for zero aches or fatigue.

Safe and anti-slip for enhanced walking safety and equipment placement.

Stain-resistant, dirt-proof, mark-resistant, and very easy to clean.

Hypoallergenic and does not host bacterial or mold buildup.

Improves indoor air quality and regulates temperature all-naturally.

High-quality Rubber Flooring Solutions

Improve Your Home & Office Floors On A Budget

We welcome you to check out our latest collections of rubber flooring Dubai and enjoy picking the most best options for your places. Our store has a perfect floor treatment for every need!

Cheap Rubber Flooring in Dubai
Cheap Rubber Flooring Installation Company in Dubai
Rubber Flooring Company in Dubai

Why Choose Us For Rubber Flooring Dubai?

Fixit Design is the ideal platform to shop for premium-quality Rubber Flooring at discounted rates. This decor improvement will comfort you for years.

Finest Build Quality

Rich Organic Dyes

Multiple Patterned Choices

Pre Attached Underlayments

Heavy Duty Structure

Toxin Free Construction

How Customers Rate Our Natural Floorings

Here’s a quick glimpse of how our rubber home and gym flooring materials and services have always gained maximum customer satisfaction.

Adil Farra

Unlike all previous ones, I wanted a different floor treatment for my home this time, and choosing their Rubber home flooring was the best decision. My place couldn’t be more comfortable and attractive!

Khayru Baccus

Versatile design varieties. Their huge collections make it easy to shop for the right stuff.

Alyan Amber

Their flooring turned out to be the best solution for my water-damaged subfloors and the problem doesn’t reach the topmost surface now. Truly impressive treatment.

Humam Laham

I was having a personal gym designed and needed slightly budget-friendly flooring. Luckily, I got the best deals at Fixit Design and their installation charges were reasonable too.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly, our Rubber Dubai Flooring is an excellent choice for all residential areas and the most cost-effective one too. It can easily outlast most other floorings and is a heavy-duty and useful choice for areas with high footfall. Also, it is resistant to temperature changes and stains.

Yes, rubber home flooring is one of the most cost-effective floor treatments. It is budget-friendly upfront and can easily last for a long time, giving good value for the investment. Moreover, there are no cleanup, maintenance, repair, and/or replacement expenses.

Yes, rubber flooring can be installed over a concrete subfloor in all areas. Doing so is a great idea if you don’t like the dull look of concrete floors or want a moisture-resistant covering for them. Make sure the subfloors are cleaned, prepped and treated well before the rubber flooring fitting.

Yes, underlayments or paddings are required under rubber flooring systems to ensure maximum usage comfort and damage prevention. An underlayment keeps the effects of moisture and temperature changes away from the flooring, ensures evenness, and helps reduce noise.

Of course, rubber flooring is the most suitable option for gyms and sports facilities and is the most frequently used treatment in such settings. That’s because it provides maximum protection from injuries and fatigue, keeps the floors free from impact damages and reduces noise as well.

Premium Rubber Flooring in Dubai

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