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Transform the beauty, functionality, and comfort of your residential and commercial spaces by purchasing our highly durable and affordable shag floor carpets and rugs.

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We Offer An Extensive Shaggy Rug Collection in Dubai

Fixit Design is more than pleased to introduce the trendsetting range of floor covering essentials for warmth, coziness, style, and functionality provision. We provide heavy-duty floor styling elements with eye-catching designs, glamorous colors, sophisticated patterns, variable sizes, distinct shapes, and a range of thickness options. Our shag rugs are made from a blend of natural, recyclable, and synthetic materials for enhanced functionality. You can trust our service spectrums from consultations to customizations.

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Explore the Versatile Materials & Styles Of Modern Shaggy Rugs

Wool And Polypropylene

Olefin and wool are widely used to make these coverings along with cotton blends.

Faux Fur & Leather

Also, real or faux leather and fur are used to manufacture these unique pieces of art.

Acrylic And Silk

Silk and acrylic materials add to their stability, shine, and comfort, enhancing appeal.

Fluffy Floral Rugs

Rather than simple, you can choose them with a wide range of floral layouts and patterns.

Neutral Fluffy Rugs

With muted designs and solid colors, they can add a classy statement to your interiors.

High & Low Pile

You can get them with low to high fiber profiles per the intended space’s foot traffic.

Benefits of Having Our Luxury Shaggy Rugs Dubai

Buying the best shag rugs for sale from our leading store will provide you with numerous benefits. Our high-performance floor covering essentials bring decorative and functional perks along to provide you with the best value for money.

  • Our carpets & rugs are perfect for floor transformation and instant area styling.
  • Our finely manufactured rugs are ideal for both residential and commercial applications.
  • With low pile height, they are a great choice for heavy-foot traffic areas of living spaces.
  • Made from high-quality wool, cotton, and silk fibers, offering a unique styling approach.
  • By placing them indoors and outdoors, you can give a highlighted look to that area.
  • The maintenance of our shag-fiber floor coverings is easy and not time-consuming.

Get Customized Shaggy Carpets Online from Our No.1 Shop

To elevate the aesthetics and comfort of your spaces, we provide you with an efficient solution for floor covering customizations. For these fluffy and soft carpets or rugs, we offer personalization in many aspects to provide you with a statement piece to style your floors with. You can avail of the unique customization treatment in terms of:

Color, Design, and Material

For these coverings, you can select the desired color and design along with wool, faux and real fur, leather, and acrylic choice for materials.

Density, Shape, and Size

Also, you can pick desired pile height or thicknesses, small to large sizes, and a variety of oval, round, square, and irregular shapes.

Luxury Shaggy Rugs Dubai

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Durable Beige Shag Rugs
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Beige Shag Rugs

Modern Naturals Shag Rugs
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Top Notch White Shag Rugs
Bedroom White Shag Rugs
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White Shag Rugs

Multi Colors Shag Rugs
Versatile Multi Colors Shag Rugs
#1 Multi Colors Shag Rugs
Best Multi Colors Shag Rugs
First Class Multi Colors Shag Rugs
Luxury Multi Colors Shag Rugs
Multi Colors Shag Rugs

Multi Colors Shag Rugs

We Are The Best Supplier of Shaggy Rugs in UAE

As the leading provider of small to large shaggy rugs Dubai & Abu Dhabi, we are committed to excellence, quality, sustainability, and affordability. By selecting us, you can get:

Price Quotations

By selecting your favorite style, you can ask for free price estimates.

Free Consultancy

For shaggy carpets and rugs, we provide beneficial consultations.

Online Order & Payment

You can select any payment means for our shaggy rugs online.

Quality Assurance

For these fluffy carpets, we guarantee you of the long-term serviceability.

Why Choose Us To Buy Shaggy Rugs in Dubai?

Fixit Design is a client-oriented brand to provides premium quality floor essentials for comfort, practicality, and style enhancement of your residential and commercial spaces. We provide the most versatile and durable floor rugs using shag fibres at very affordable prices.

Efficient Craftsmanship
Efficient Craftsmanship

We keep finely manufactured items in our stock for sale purposes.

Affordable Pricing
Prompt Delivery

Our platform promises on-time order delivery at your threshold.

By selecting us, you can avail of the instant assistance of sampling for the best selection of each item. Also, we assure you of the best value for money because we supply long-lasting floor covering items in the whole of Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

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Fixit Design offers exclusive rug customization, sampling, and delivery services to all the local areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can appoint us from anywhere in Dubai to avail of our discounted services.



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These floor embellishment accessories with sophisticated feel, low and high profile heights, and textured weaves are the most stylish option for any residential or commercial interior. They add depth, dimension, and comfort to any space timelessly.

Investing in these floor-covering essentials is the ideal way to add warmth and texture to your indoor living space. These cozy floor coverings create comfortable surfaces and inviting spaces to luxuriate in your living areas.

When selecting them, first decide on the ideal material type from manifold choices available in the market. Select the ideal size and shape considering the room dimensions and pick the right color after taking a look at the overall interior design of the space.

To keep your floor coverings well-maintained, give them a good shake along with regular cleaning to avoid dirt and dust. Spot-clean the stains and splashes immediately, comb to keep the fibers untangled, layer them, and keep them in sunlight for some time to avoid humidity a least twice a month.

To shop for the best shag area rugs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Fixit Design is the most trustworthy store. At our shop, you can find an all-exclusive range of floor coverings for the instant beautification and comfort provision of your residential and commercial spaces.