Five Tips For Choosing And Hanging Your Curtains Abu Dhabi


Today, Fix It design is going to collect some exciting curtains tips and tricks in one blog. If you are hunting for new Curtains Abu Dhabi, we are sure this blog is going to help you.

Let’s Have A Look At Important Tips To Choose Curtains Abu Dhabi

Tips To Choose Curtains Abu Dhabi

When you are choosing curtains you should keep all these following things in mind. Fabric, curtains colors & illusion of space are the basic things to consider.

Select The Best Curtain Fabric

Select The Best Curtain Fabric

The most important tip for buying curtains is to choose the best fabric. When you are choosing your curtain, take a look at your room. What is your room used for? If you need to install cheap Curtains Abu Dhabi in your bedroom, go for blackout curtains. if you want to install curtains in your living room, we suggest you choose sheer curtains and pair them up with some blinds or curtains.

Let’s talk about the prints on fabric. A dark fabric with a big floral print will go fine with big rooms. A Small room will go best with light-coloured curtains with small prints on them. Floaty sheer fabrics make you feel like they have added a dimension to your room.

At Fixit Design, we have a huge collection of curtains. Talk to our designer, discuss your room decor and requirements. He will suggest to you some best curtains for your room.

Focus On The Curtain Color

Focus On The Curtain Color

When you are pulling together the feel of a room, color selection is a very important task. Balance out the color scheme of your room with the curtains. If your walls are of a single color, choose some contrast color.

If you have walls of more than one color, then go for the matching curtains, you can also try our range of double shaded curtains. We take orders for customized color curtains in Dubai.

If you have a rug or sofa in your room, match your curtains Abu Dhabi with them to set a beautiful décor. If you are confused about choosing the color scheme, take a picture of your room and send it to us. Our designers will help you in making the selection of the best color of curtains for your room.

Steam or Press Your Curtains Before Hanging

Steam or Press Your Curtains Before Hanging

This trick is not mentioned in the books or pamphlets but it is a very easy and simple trick. It does not take so much time and effort in pressing or steaming your curtain but it will make an extra-fine appearance of curtains.

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Creased and crumpled fabric makes your curtain look tired and old. Spare a few minutes and steam your curtains before hanging them. Fixit Design delivers the already steamed curtains for the installation of the curtains.

Create The Illusion Of Space


Install your curtain pole a little higher than normal. It makes the ceiling look higher. To keep up with the traditional look, use a little extra fabric so the curtains will touch the floor to create an elegant look.

When it comes to the fabric, choose some vertically striped Curtains Abu Dhabi. it will make the ceiling look higher even if it is not. Vertical strips always create an illusion of extra space in a room. Vertical stripes help in creating an illusion of some more space in the room.

Weighted Bottoms

Weighted Bottoms

For your Curtains Abu Dhabi, If you are using some light fabric, it will drape a bit awkwardly. Well, we have an easy and simple solution to this problem. Tie some weight into the curtain hem. It will make the curtains hang straight and drape very nicely. You can also add some heavy frills at the bottom of the curtains that will make them weigh heavy and they will create a smooth fall.

Fixit design has a beautiful collection of lovely frills for your curtains. We also have some beautiful curtain accessories to choose from.


At Fixit design, we have the solution for all of your curtains Abu Dhabi problems. We take customized orders and design your curtains by keeping your room decor and instructions in mind.

We craft each detail according to the client’s instructions. Buy curtains online and get curtain fixing service at your home without any difficulty.

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