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Whether it’s your home, theatre, night club, or a restaurant, velvet curtains play a significant part in decor and itself define the decor. Curtains come in a variety of designs, colors, and fabrics to suit your interior decor. The fabric and color you choose for your curtains can either make or break the look of the entire décor. For instance, if you want a rich and warm look in your room, then the velvet micro fur curtains should be your choice.

Curtains radiate loyalty and sophistication, and they look entirely flawless. Moreover, they keep the coldness or warmth inside the room. These curtains easily blend with the interior. Moreover, with the velvet curtains, you can achieve any interior including vintage romance, urban hip-country casual, etc.

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If you have never thought about buying velvet curtains, then I must say that you should not miss this opportunity. They look pretty with every interior, and now they are available in so many colors and patterns. You can choose one keeping your room decor in mind. They have so many benefits. Let’s talk about them.


  • These curtains have a luxurious look and are very soft in touch.
  • They easily blend with any interior.
  • They got an aesthetic value
  • They are best to use in cold weather
  • Velvet curtains are also good to use in the summers season if you use an air conditioner inside
  • They do not let the heat, light, and dust to come inside
  • They offer additional protection and let you sleep in peace.

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I have been searching for the best room darkening curtains and yes now I got what I have been searching for many days. At fixitdesign, I found the best room darkening velvet curtains that are not heavy and look fabulous when rolls over my bedroom windows. So now I have beautiful curtains that not only darken my room in day time but also add an elegant effect in my room. Thank you so much fixitdesign!

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Why Choose Velvet Curtains?

If you want your curtains to look bold, classy, and better, then go for velvet curtains. They are a little tricky to clean, but you can clean them with a brush. You can immediately clean the small spills on the curtain by dabbing it with absorbent material. You need to have a massive duty rod to hang these curtains as they are a bit heavy.

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