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Venetian Blinds Dubai is made of aluminum, wooden slats, and each slat is normally 2 inches wide. Usually, they are used in the meeting rooms or conference halls in an office, restaurants, living room, or washrooms. You can clean the slits with a piece of cloth.

Tilt them to 180 degrees for perfect cleaning of blinds. You can open or close the slat with a string on the side of the blinds. Now motorized Venetian Blinds Dubai are also available so you can operate them with remote control.

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Features of Venetian Blinds Dubai

Venetian window blinds got a unique and beautiful look. They are made of flat, slim, horizontal aluminum or wooden slats. Suspended by ladder cords to keep the slats in space at fixed intervals. Venetian Blinds Dubai can be very easily lowered or raised. They give you full privacy control. You can make your room dark by completely shutting the blind.

With our uniquely designed blinds, you can fully control the lighting of your room and get complete privacy. On a hot sunny day, you can close the slits of your window and sit in a dark and cold environment. Closing the slats also protects the fabric and furniture from sharp and damaging sunlight. This reduces glare to fabric and furniture from sunlight. On a dull, windy day, open the slats and enjoy the beautiful weather out there with Venetian Blinds Dubai.

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The perfectly fitted spectacular blinds I got installed last week. Very pleased with the purchase, the Venetian Blinds Dubai were delivered and installed so quickly. The qualified professional worked very well to install these blinds accurately. I am so happy to see the product quality, it looks really durable. Very good service!

Kevin Mackey

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Why Choose Venetian blinds Dubai?

In conclusion, Venetian blinds in Dubai are very useful and durable. They are pretty much easy to install and maintain. Do not forget to measure the exact size of your window. If you inaccurately measure the Venetian Blinds Dubai then they will go to waste. For your convenience, we offer free measurement services. Our team members will be there to take measurements.

Treat your blinds with care to make them last longer. The horizontal slats very easily collect the dust so clean them at least twice a week with a damp piece of cloth. 

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