What To Choose Wood Laminate Flooring or Natural Wood Flooring?

Wood Laminate Flooring or Natural Wood Flooring

Are you looking for the best kind of flooring for your home? If yes, then we can help. There’s a wide range of flooring available in the market, but it’s quite a difficult task to choose which flooring is best for you.

Wooden flooring is the most demanding flooring nowadays. It comes with naturally inviting, beautiful and durable material. However, both flooring materials are used for beautiful wood-look floors.

Wood laminate flooring or natural wood flooring, both types of flooring are best offering different features. In this article provided by Fixit Design, I’ll let you know the best features of both types of flooring, which will surely make it easy for you to make a decision.

Difference Between Wood Laminate Flooring Or Natural Wood Flooring


Laminate wood is basically hardwood that creates a natural look to similar wood but at lower prices. laminate hardwood flooring is durable and is composed using a combination of wood-derived materials.

These floors are easy to maintain and offer homeowners a limitless variety of choices like light wood laminate flooring, white wood laminate flooring, and a lot more. This type of flooring offers you to have inviting and decorative flooring.

Whereas Real wood flooring is popular and widely used, it helps in creating a luxurious appeal to your home. Most real wooden floors have a distinct look because the boards usually have random lengths. This flooring is equally easy to install, easy to keep maintained. Natural wood flooring is also known as oak wood flooring. 

The classic style and traditional look of oak made it popular. So it offers your space a more natural and sophisticated look.



This type of flooring is manufactured with a combination of 4 basic layers. Starting from the performance-enhancing melamine backing, leading to a core layer of fiberboard made of wood byproducts, decor paper, and overlay.

The nest designing layer is made to resemble the texture of wood or other material. This layer is protected by a clear hardware layer. This hard wear layer prevents this flooring from scratching and staining.

These laminate flooring boards are relatively thin, 6 – 12mm thick, and are manufactured with click-lock edges, shaped together to secure the boards.

Solid wood flooring is made from a piece of hardwood. The wood is cut straight from the trunk. An equally similar product equally managed from all sides, then made into a plank of flooring by a machine.

This flooring is naturally designed with a defined natural wood pattern, offering your home a practical and functional visual appeal.



Laminate wood flooring offers a natural look, easy to maintain, and more durable than natural wood. Laminate flooring is ideal for heavy foot traffic areas like halls, corridors, or living rooms. It is suitable for places that are directly exposed to sunlight and moisture, like the kitchen and bathrooms.

Laminate wood flooring offers features that improve its durability. These floors are scratch-resistant and come in special locking designs that waterproof the flooring for use.

Whereas, natural wood flooring is sturdy, feels significant underfoot, and adds value to your space. This flooring is also suitable for heavy foot traffic areas, and it can be remanded too many times during its lifetime.

Due to its natural and study patterns, it is the best choice for high moisture areas. This flooring is also resistant to scratches and stains. This flooring is the most traditional and luxurious type of flooring. It looks fantastic and adds warmth, and aesthetic appeal to your home.

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Which Flooring Suits You Floor Best?


In this wood laminate flooring or natural wood flooring showdown, we have discussed all the features of both kinds of flooring. Now you can easily determine which kind of flooring you need and which flooring suits your place best.

You can use these two flooring interchangeably because of their similar features. We at Fixit Design, offer these best types of flooring in unique timeless designs, full of character, with subtle tones and authentic natural appeal.

We also offer fixing and installation services at low wood flooring prices. You are welcome to buy wood flooring in defined colours with efficient services.

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