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Wooden Doors Dubai by Fixit Design will make your entryways inviting and will make you experience maximum convenience in your everyday life. Check out the styles we offer!

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Whether you’re a fan of traditional decor or prefer contemporary ones, our wooden doors Dubai will satisfy your aesthetic taste the best. These doors are designed with premium-quality exotic and domestic woods and if you want something more practical, we also have veneer options. Among our collections, you can find every type and style of these doors such as interior, exterior, or French ones.

Our doors can be used for every requirement like installation next to non-uniform frames or for area dividing. Here are a few all-around options:

Wooden Panelled Doors

Wooden Hinged Doors

Wooden Flush Doors

Wooden Sliding Doors

Explore Our Wood-made Door Styles

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We Offer Door Crafting & Fitting Services All Over Dubai

Tell us your requirements or request free price quotations for these doors.

Our Latest Wooden Doors Designs

Here are some of our trending door styles which will make your places incredibly welcoming and valuable as well, just like our previous customers.

Polywood Internal Door
Polywood Internal Door
Wood Bedroom Door
Wood Bedroom Door
Teak Wooden Door
Teak Wooden Door
Modern Wood Door
Modern Wood Door
Pine Barn Door
Pine Barn Door
Internal French Wood Door
Internal French Wood Door
Wooden Arch Door
Wooden Arch Door
Oak Veneered Wood Door
Oak Veneered Wood Door

What Benefits Do Our Wooden Doors Offer?

Other than basic functionality, these doors will serve you with greater comfort and satisfaction. Plus, they are alluring to look at and will improve the overall decor theme instantly.

Since they’re made of wood, our doors will keep your places warm and cozy in winter and cool and pleasant in summer.

They are almost impossible to break in case of forced entry, therefore ensuring extreme safety for interiors.

Their styles are ageless and always look opulent and appealing, therefore no replacements will be needed.

The care requirements of these doors are the easiest. Plus, they can hide scratches or stains effectively.

We design these doors with eco-conscious practices, and choosing them will be an entirely green approach.

Luxury living room with wood floor

Explore Our Recent Projects

Modern wood door collection

We Provide Wooden Door Installations In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

And that’s how we make every decor improvement a breeze for you! Our services are available for every type and style of door as well as area or requirements. You can rest assured about the ideal functioning and maximum longevity of your chosen Wooden Doors with our installation services.

Here’s what you can anticipate with our servicing:

Smooth, quick, and noiseless door working

Perfect syncing into interiors and/or exteriors

Long-term protection and serviceability of doors

Custom sizing for individual needs

Finest Quality Wooden Doors

Custom Wood Doors For Every Need

You can also get your desired door custom-designed by us, completely on a budget. Such a door will be a seamless fit for your place(es) and will provide you with eye-catching decor improvements plus extreme cost-effectivity.

Wooden & Glass door for living room
Luxury oak Wood doors
Signel wood door for kitchen

Why Choose Us for Wooden Doors Dubai?

Fixit Design has the best varieties of wooden material doors for homes and offices. In addition, you can also get installation services for high-end decor themes.

Affordable Pricing 

Fade-resistant Colors

Durable Finishes 

Classy Accessories

Heavy-duty Latches 

Non-VOC Construction 

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

The pricing for wood material doors varies with the type of wood used and their size and style. Doors made from solid wood like Oak or Mahogany tend to be expensive whereas those built with composite wood are cheaper. The cost starts from 200 AED and can be up to 10,000 AED.

This depends on where the door will be installed. For instance, doors for outdoors have to be weather-resistant while indoor ones can be somewhat less resilient. Similarly, in case of classic style needs, the door has to be built with solid wood. Veneer doors are good for regular use.

The foremost steps that should be taken in this regard are sealing the door, caulking its joints, cleaning it regularly with detergent and water, and treating it with a protective finish every few years. As per protective finishes, sealants, PU coatings, and exterior-grade varnishes can be used.

Yes, we design customized doors for all extraordinary areas and requirements. For these doors, you can choose the wood type (species), color, style, size, finish, and accessories (doorknob, latch, etc.). You can get inspiration from our projects or bring us images of your desired doors.

Fixit Design is the best platform to shop for wooden luxury doors in Dubai. At this store, you get to choose from a wide materials, designs, and size variety, suitable for every area. In addition, you can also get custom door designing services for any unique requirements or decor goals.

Wood door for patio

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