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Customized door mats in Dubai

Fixit Design has an endless collection of durable, dust, and moisture-resistant door mats in Dubai with affordable tags. Experts here also offer excellent custom options for your residential and commercial places.

Customized door mats in Dubai
Mind-blowing Colors@72x

Mind-blowing Colors

Unique Customization@72x

Unique Customization

Easy Maintenance@72x

Easy Maintenance

Discounted Rates

Discounted Rates

best custom door mats
Modern door mats in UAE

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Durable Door Mats Dubai | Best Matting Solution

Being a top-notch door mats supplier, we offer endless customization options for a made-to-measure approach. You can get our mats with tailored material, colour, size, design, shape, and texture. We craft long-lasting mats with a wide range of durable materials such as natural or recycled rubber, polyester, vinyl, coir, and polypropylene. Our designers ensure multiple shapes including rectangular, square, semi-circular, and circular with commercial and animal designs.

Moreover, we also imprint desired notes and office logos on the mat surface for branding. You can get these mats with an endless variety of solid and neutral colours per your desired theme and style. For more custom-related queries, you may approach our team!

Versatile Color Range

Logo & Notes Printing

Variety of Shapes

Long-Lasting Materials

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We Deliver Custom Door Mats to All Areas in Dubai

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Add Charm to Enterances with our Custom Door Mats

We design our easily maintainable and durable mats for every residential and commercial place. You can get them for entryways of the following places:

Hospital Room Door Mat
Hospital Room Door Mat
School Door Mat
Hotels Door Mat
Hotels Door Mat
Restaurant Door Mat
Restaurant Door Mat
Office Door Mat
Office Door Mat
Bathroom Door Mat
Bathroom Door Mat
Kitchen Door Mat
Kitchen Door Mat
Living Room Door Mat
Living Room Door Mat

Benefits of Having Custom Door Mats Dubai in Your Place

Afterwards placing these mats in entryways, you will get boundless aesthetic and functional benefits. Whether you’re placing them in residential or commercial places, we ensure custom logo mat options for endless benefits. Explore our multi-functional and elegant mats now!

Our experts craft mats with micropores for the proper drainage of dust.

To ensure a hygienic floor, they trap microbes or germs from shoes.

Our professionally crafted durable mats offer excellent weather resistance.

Requires low maintenance due to high stain, dust, and moisture resistance.

The custom color, size, texture, shape, and logo make our mats more elegant.

Best Weclome door mats in Dubai

High-quality Door Matting Solutions

We Provide Efficient Placement Of Door Mats

Our proficient team ensures efficient and precise placement of mats at your entryways for a fine look. We also ensure proper drainage through these mats’ micro-pores using innovative techniques. Get a professional guide for mat maintenance from our team.

Custom logo mats in UAE
Door mats in UAE
Beautiful welcome door mat

Why Choose Us For Door Mats Dubai?

Since 2014, Fixit Design has been providing durable and custom-made doormats at affordable rates in Dubai and nearby cities. Our team ensures expert craftsmanship and precise customization for long-lasting results.

Guarantee & Warranty Of Material

Free Doorstep Delivery Of Mats

Free Sampling For Prior Satisfaction

10+ Years Of Successful Experience

Professional Maintenance Guide

100% Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we can customize our stylish doormats with custom materials, colors, sizes, designs, and textures at cost-effective rates. You can approach our professional team to get maximum insights about our complete customization process. Our experts also assist you in choosing the best options as per your theme requirements.

We craft our door mats with a variety of durable fabric materials such as polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and other synthetic materials. Our professionally crafted mats prevent complete moisture absorption and dust accumulation.

50cm x 75cm/ 30″ x 20″is the standard size of doormats. However, we also provide our professionally designed doormats in custom sizes as per your specific requirements. You can consult with our team about size variation.

The color selection for doormats usually depends on your theme, wall & floor colors, and personalized design. However, our experts offer a complete range of solid and neutral colors for precise customization. We also assist you in choosing the best complementary color.

Yes, of course, custom door mats are worthwhile because they can add a unique touch of style and design. In addition, our custom mats are a practical and cost-effective way to cover the floor surfaces with a tailored approach.

Luxurious door mat

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