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Engineered Wood Flooring Dubai, UAE

Engineered Wood Flooring Dubai is a nice alternative to the solid wooden floor. It has a high-quality finish and looks more beautiful than a real wooden floor. Our cheap engineered-wood flooring in Dubai is made with high-quality timber wood and the top layer is made with the finest quality hand-collected natural wood. Our craftsmen beautifully craft the wooden flooring Abu Dhabi and finely polish it to make it look absolutely stunning.

Engineered Wood Flooring Dubai has totally revolutionized the world of wooden flooring. It is made by joining cross-ply layers on each other. Then on the top, a layer of natural wood is installed. The layers are infused under strong pressure to make it more stable. It looks the same as 100% natural wooden floorings. It’s creative making makes them more durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. There are so many locking systems that make them simple to lay.

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Engineered Wood Flooring Dubai – Dimensions


When selecting the size of Engineered Wood Flooring in Dubai, there are three things to consider; thickness, width, and wear layer. Well, the width of the board depends entirely on your preferred aesthetics, the wear layer and thickness decide the longevity of your wooden floor UAE. Our engineered wooden floors range from 11mm to 21mm. The thick board is stable as compared to the thin one and it allows for a deep wear layer.

If you have deep layered Engineered Wood Flooring Dubai, your floor can be sanded overtime to get a fine polished look again. Thin boarded floors can also be sanded but fewer times than the thick boarded floors. Our 1mm board comes with around 2.5 mm wear layer and our 21mm floor allows up to 7mm wear layer. This much broad layer can be sanded and finished up to 8 times.

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I was looking for some best engineered wooden floor and 6 months back, I came across Fix It Design. I was impressed with their Engineered Wood Flooring Dubai. I ordered a free sample and the quality was the best.

Then I placed the order and they installed an engineered wooden floor at my home. It’s been 5 months and my floor looks as new as it was on day one. Thank you Fix It Design.

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At Fix It Design, we are providing high-end Engineered-Wood Flooring Dubai at very reasonable rates. Our cheap engineered wood flooring in Dubai is sturdy and durable. We also provide different designs and patterns for your floor.

Our Engineered Wood Flooring Dubai does not get damaged with humidity and water. We make it fully waterproof. Contact us anytime. We not only provide Engineered Wooden Floor but also install them for you at very reasonable rates. We are one of the finest wood flooring companies in UAE.

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