How Does Artificial Grass Increase Home Value?

How Does Artificial Grass Increase Home Value

Artificial grass is a useful alternative to natural grass due to its broad spectrum of perks. This turf not only enhances your home’s curb appeal but also makes it more comfortable and pleasant. In this article, Fixit Design has discussed some important aspects that define how does artificial grass increase home value.

By considering these aspects, you can get a holistic approach to this sustainable and unique floor-covering idea. Furthermore, this guide also provides a unique pathway to making an appropriate decision regarding the best option among artificial and natural grass.

How Artificial Grass Increases Home Value | Important Aspects

If you’re tired of maintaining or mowing your lawns, gardens, or playgrounds, you should try the modern floor-covering option of synthetic turf. By covering your outdoor spaces with this artificial green grass, you will get rid of all time-consuming maintenance practices. In addition, you will experience new ways of lawn styling. Due to its economical, aesthetic, and functional benefits, this grass can majorly boost your home/villa’s value in Dubai.

1- Requires Little Time & Effort To Maintain


Unlike natural grass, artificial green turf requires very minimal time and effort for maintenance. As this grass doesn’t grow or bloom, there is no need to use a mower for cutting or shaping it. After perfect installation, this grass is a piece of cake for every homeowner in terms of maintenance. You just need to clean the turf after 2-3 months to keep its surface bright and shiny.

2- Synthetic Grass Saves Water & Electricity

Synthetic Grass Saves Water & Electricity

Water saving is another major aspect that advocates the title How does artificial turf increase home value? Natural grass requires daily water consumption to grow and bloom. A lot of your time gets consumed in maintaining natural grass. But the innovative landscaping solution of fake grass saves your water because it doesn’t need to grow or survive. Ultimately, you can reduce your home electricity charges this way.

3- More Affordable Than Natural Grass


If we talk about overall installation and maintenance costs, artificial turf remains dominant among both landscaping options. Undoubtedly, the installation cost of artificial turf is high but post-installation maintenance cost is not. Natural grass, on the other hand, requires a maximum budget for its maintenance due to the huge consumption of water and electricity. By choosing fake grass, you not only increase your home value but also play a significant role in water conservation.

4- Safe For Kids & Pets


Safe For Kids & Pets

Everyone wants to keep their kids and pets safe while playing. The artificial grass covering option also ensures 100% safety for your kids and pets. Because these turfs don’t grow or bloom, hence there is no need to spray fertilizers, pesticides, or other toxic chemicals on them. This feature ensures a non-toxic and chemical-free environment for your kids and pets. Moreover, this flooring doesn’t create a slippery or muddy surface in heavy rain, so there will be no chance of injury.

5- High Sustainability & Lifespan 

High Sustainability & Lifespan 

Due to its high weather resistance, the use of green artificial turf also ensures high durability of your landscaping surface. Natural grass can’t bear the harsh effects of extreme sunlight and heavy rain due to its living nature. In addition, the extreme temperature and heavy rain can create water and oxygen deficiency for grass roots respectively. On the other side, artificial grass has a maximum lifespan because it doesn’t require oxygen, sunlight, and water to grow.

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What Areas At Home Can Be Covered By Artificial Grass?

To enhance home value, you can utilize this grass type for multiple living areas such as gardens, patios, balconies, playgrounds, and indoor spaces. By installing this fake grass, these places make your home more inviting and playful for visitors, friends, and relatives.


A garden is the first reception area of your home that must be decorated with eye-catching materials to enhance home value and aesthetics. You can make your garden more appealing by installing dark green coloured turfs with clear turf lines. For a natural vibe, you can also place sea shells, wooden plates, gravel, and stone pieces on the artificial turf.


To make a visually appealing foundation in your home, you can install artificial green turf at your home patio. Choose a green colour shade that can complement the rest of the patio materials such as furniture. In addition, to craft a harmonious space you can also place low-maintenance plants such as ferns or succulents.


If you’re living in an apartment, you can also utilize this innovative green flooring option for covering balconies. This will add a touch of comfort and natural appeal due to the lush green texture. This mini garden will provide a seating area just like gardens and lawns.


Artificial grass in Dubai has many potential uses for playgrounds due to its cushioned and soft texture, lush green surface, and durable materials. In addition, you can easily cover the large surface area of playgrounds by installing this easily maintainable grass. This grass turf can easily withstand high foot traffic and impact damage.

Wrapping Up!

To conclude our writeup precisely, we can say that choosing artificial grass carpet for landscaping surely increases home value. Aside from its aesthetic value, it also improves functionality by reducing water and electricity consumption and maintenance requirements. In terms of financial outcomes, this grass also wipes the expenditures of watering, fertilizing, and other lawn services. All in all, Fixit Design has proved this statement– How Does Artificial Grass Increase Home Value by giving valuable insights for homeowners. In addition, we have also highlighted the most common places in a home where you can install this sustainable green flooring option.

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