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Best Motorized Blinds in Dubai

Improve Your Interior Value With Our Motorized Blinds

Fixit Design presents to you the finest quality Motorized Blinds in Dubai for a smart, unique, and long-term favorable window treatment. These smart blinds are an excellent option for both residential and commercial windows to achieve improved decor, usage convenience, and property value. You can save both your time and effort with these window treatments and give your interiors the most attractive modern touch.

We stock a unique range of styles & designs for these blinds to help you pick the best match for your places. You can use our blinds for all shapes and types of windows both indoors and outdoors to ensure better security, temperature regulation, and energy efficiency. Explore our gallery today!

Our Latest Motorized Blinds Collection 2024

Motorized Blinds for office room


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Motorized Blinds for Studio Room


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Motorized Blinds for Bedroom


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Motorized Blinds for Living room


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Bedroom Motorized Blinds


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Automatic Blinds for living rooms


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Best Motorized Blinds in UAE


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Design Your Dream Automated Blinds With Us

At our shop, you’ll get to explore the widest and most versatile design and style choices for electric window coverings. Whether you want a sleek, minimal and attractive decor or prefer a detailed and intricately designed interior, we have every option available for you. Besides, you can have blinds with particular functionalities too, like blackout, light-filtering, room insulating and room darkening ones.

In addition to premium-grade, ready-made electric blinds, we also offer you the amazing opportunity of getting custom-made motorized shades for your homes and offices. From fabrication to final styling, you can have every aspect of the automated blinds customized per your preferences and needs.

The Premium-grade Construction Of Our Electric Blinds

Aluminum: Our eclectic shades feature high-quality Aluminum construction hence they stay longer.

Fabric: These blinds are made of hard-wearing Polyester, Cotton, Linen, Silk, and Blackout fabric. They give a warm and comforting effect to every room.

Vinyl: These shades are excellent for all areas and can be used in moisture-prone spaces too.

Wood: These classic and durable blinds are a particularly excellent choice for traditional or modern interior themes.

Motorized Blinds for Kitchen

Top Advantages Of Our Automation Blinds 

Our electric window coverings are the most suitable and hard-wearing choice for every residential and commercial interior. These blinds are highly value-for-money and will make your surroundings ideally comfortable, cozy, and attractive. Up ahead, are some of the major benefits of this cost-effective and long-lasting window treatment.

  • These blinds will make your homes highly energy-efficient and you can get the most balanced temperature measures without using HVAC systems.
  • Treating your windows with our automatic shades will offer natural and prolonged interior insulation, leading to the most comfortable interiors.
  • The working of these blinds can be scheduled for security and safety purposes when you’re away. Besides, their opacity and thickness ensures 100% privacy and UV protection.
  • You can easily integrate these blinds with smart systems and enjoy the most effortless and time-saving window covering movements. Our blinds work with remote controls, voice commands, wall-mounted switches and smartphone applications.
  • The aesthetic versatility of these blinds makes them a perfect fit for all areas. You can have them in both fabricated and stiff versions with all kinds of prints, patterns, or solid colors.
Affordable Motorized Blinds in Dubai

Get Our Fast and affordable Motorized Blind Installation Services

Fixit Design offers you the finest and most budget-friendly fixing, fitting, and installation services for electric window shades in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Our services are available for both residential and commercial interiors and exteriors for instant and favorable improvements. In addition to windows, you can also get automatic blind installations for skylights, sliding doors, french doors, patio doors, glass panels, and various outdoor areas.

We make use of premium-quality hardware for every blind fitting job and our proficiency will help you make the most out of the automatic window treatments. Call today or request free quotes for instant and trustworthy servicing.

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Why Choose Us For Motorized Blinds Dubai?

Fixit Design is a famous decor improvement store in Dubai, offering the finest and most durable window treatments. Our motorized window covers are amongst our most popular products, loved by both homeowners and business owners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Motorized blinds can be somewhat more costly than regular window treatments. In general, you can expect the enhancement of 200 AED to 800 AED to the base price of blinds, depending on the blind material, size, number of windows and additional customizations.

Of course! Motorized coverings are the most beneficial and value-for-money investment which offers a number of advantages. These blinds offer ease of handling and maintenance, time-saving, better energy-efficiency, improved light management, noise and privacy control.

Yes, the addition of electric window blinds is meant to improve the worth and value of every residential property. These window treatments are particularly important for modern homes and create luxurious, energy-efficient and secure places, which can attract potential buyers.

No, these blinds are highly energy-efficient and don’t consume excessive electricity. They feature small and efficient motors which consume less power than other appliances. Besides, their operation time is also minimal and you can also have them on standby mode and can also get various additional features like sensors and timers for less energy utilization.

Motorized Blinds Dubai by Fixit Design are the best and most cost-effective automatic window coverings. These blinds are sleek, energy-efficient, easy to operate, versatile, and improve the comfort of interiors. Besides, they also offer effective temperature balancing, room insulation, and are quite convenient to maintain.