What Is Parquet Flooring? Everything To Know

What Is Parquet Flooring Everything To Know

Flooring treatments are an excellent way to give your residential and commercial spaces an extraordinary appearance. Among numerous available options, parquet wood flooring stands out as the traditional and appealing choice for your living space styling. It serves as an exceptional statement in any modern home, apartment, villa, or commercial space.

If you are planning to renovate your living spaces with this floor treatment, it would be great to know about the history, origin, style, types, and other features and drawbacks to make your purchase more effective. Read this guide by Fixit Design to discover everything that you need to know about this heavy-duty floor treatment for your next project.

What is Parquet Flooring?

What Is Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is a traditional floor design with a rich history and origin from skilled craftsmen of France in the 16th century. With an interlocking wood block that is arranged in a unique geometric pattern, featuring repetitive layouts. These wooden blocks are also called small compartments that can be installed by laying one piece at a time. This exceptional treatment comes in tiles, blocks, and wooden slats that are bonded by a durable backing material.

Layers, Sizes, & Thickness Options Of Traditional Parquet Floors

Layers, Sizes, & Thickness Options Of Traditional Parquet FloorsFeaturing a solid construction, this floor treatment is crafted using different types of solid-hardwood species. The narrow hardwood strips are firmly bonded together, offering wide options for sizes and thicknesses.

Few Common Wooden Block Sizes

  • 9 By 9 Inches
  • 12 By 12 Inches
  • 19 By 19 Inches

Available Thickness Options For Blocks

  • Mosaic Parquet (8 mm)
  • Lamparquet (6 – 13 mm)
  • Solid parquet (> 13 mm)

Layers Of Traditional Floor Tiles

  • Hardwood Layer
  • HDF (High-Density Fiber) Layer
  • Backing Core Layer

Explore Different Types Of Parquet Design Floors

Explore Different Types Of Parquet Design FloorsFor your space transformations, this parquet concept was introduced, these wooden flooring blocks come with an extensive range of patterns that are aligned together to end up as an eye-catching floor treatment. With in-laid wood panels, there are different layout options to choose from.

1. Herringbone

Herringbone is the most renowned pattern for this flooring that features zig-zag patterns. Using small blocks or planks with straight ends, it comes with a stable design structure.

2. Chevron

Chevron creates the true V-shape at a 45-degree angle following zigzag patterns. The ends of these wooden blocks are cut in length, featuring a long stripped block with a chevron style.

3. Basketweave

Regarding basketweave style, the wooden planks are finely interwoven over each other. It creates an artistic square style with multiple horizontal and vertical strands, appearing like a woven basket.

4. Versailles

This French pattern offers a beautiful arrangement of 4 tiles that craft a random style after installation. It comes with an irregular assembling of diamond-shaped weave of wood strips.

5. Checkerboard

This unique pattern features wood stripes that are arranged in a cubic style, creating the checker layout. With crossed horizontal and vertical lines, it appears differently and inviting on floors.

6. Mosaic Or Brick

Also named “square-on-square”, it is made from thin wooden stripes. This pattern features wooden blocks of equal size that are uniquely placed next to one another to create a square pattern.

7. Finished Or Unfinished

For unfinished parquet, you can choose stains or finishes to sand and stain at the time of fitting. Pre-finished parquet comes with an industry-applied wood finish, offering direct application.

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Prominent Benefits Of Parquet Flooring

Prominent Benefits Of Parquet FlooringRenovating your living spaces with these traditional wood floors provides you with various useful perks and features.

1. Aesthetic Appeal

To add a contemporary style statement to your spaces, parquet is the best retreat with excellent craftsmanship and exclusive appearance. With sophisticated style, inviting patterns, and smooth visual appeal, it can take your existing decor to the next level. You can get them with plenty of colours, textures, patterns, and finishes to coordinate the existing space style.

2. Highly Durable Choice

Made from hard-wearing hardwood species, their wooden blocks hold up beautifully against heavy foot traffic. This multi-layered treatment is structurally and dimensionally sustainable and, therefore, ideal for both formal and informal settings. The top-wear and bottom backing layer perfectly balance out the structure and dimensions against heavy foot traffic and underfloor heating.

3. Various Species Options

One of the most suitable factors about this flooring is that you can get them in extensive species options. From a variety of hardwood species, you have oak, walnut, mahogany, pine, teak, maple, beach, cherry, lime, and engineered to choose from. Each wooden species offers a distinct appearance and fine textures.

4. Low Maintenance

Consumers prefer investing in floor treatments that are easily manageable and effortless to clean so you can avoid the hassles of daily aftercare. The maintenance of these wooden block treatments is very easy because they are not susceptible to scratches, UV damage, or wear and tear. You can regularly sweep or periodically mop these floors to maintain a hygienic and fresh appearance.

5. Easy Installation

With particular sizes of blocks and stripes, it is very easy to lay down their planks and tiles on floors. Using needed tools and quality adhesives, you can fit each block on floors. You need to decide the pattern and indicate the centre before the installation to ensure a hassle-free and smooth experience.

6. Affordable Treatment

Another perk about these floors is that it is way more inexpensive than other flooring treatments in the market. With their extraordinary functional features, excellent durability, and timeless versatility, this floor solution is worth investing in to renovate villas, apartments, offices, restaurants, and home rooms.

Drawbacks Of Parquet Floors

Drawbacks Of Parquet FloorsAlong with advantages, there are certain minus points of having these floor treatments that are discussed below.

1. Out-Dated Look

When you plan to rent or sell your property, renters or buyers take it as an outdated floor treatment with a traditional style.

2. Takes Time To Acclimate

After installation, usually, it takes more time to acclimate or settle than other options available in the market for floors.

3. Susceptible To Marks

The spills and splashes can leave marks on floors that are hard to buff. However, they can be resanded or refinished to restore their damaged look.

To Conclude!

Parquet design flooring is the most popular choice for the sumptuous renovations of your residential and commercial spaces. With geometrically arranged patterns and extraordinary finishes, their wooden blocks add unique aesthetics and styles to your place. These floors add value, and aesthetic appeal, and offer better acoustics. This multi-layered floor treatment is moisture, UV, and scratch-resistant, offering easier maintenance and longevity.

After installation in residential and commercial spaces, it can be refinished or resanded multiple times. Aside from that, you have the flexibility to choose from different types including chevron, herringbone, aged, laminate, walnut, Versailles, and bamboo, featuring distinct textures and finishes. Additionally, these wooden blocks can be arranged differently to create a personalized floor layout.

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