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Wooden Blinds Dubai is made of real wood. Normally they are like Venetian-style window blinds with individual slats rotating to block heat and light. A simple cord operates the slats by twisting or pulling it and letting you control the light and air coming inside. They are made based on the size of your window to look great.

These blinds have always been a common choice of interior decorators. They are practical yet elegant with impressive durability. If you have pets or children at home then don’t worry, they are completely safe for them. You will always see the wooden blinds nestled in the interior trends of swarm designer newsletters. They are available in various styles and colors and they never fail to look gorgeous with any interior. Every year these blinds come up with a new style and shade to catch the audience’s eye.

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Wooden blinds are made of so many horizontal slats linked by a cord pulley. This design is also known as Venetian. When you fully raise them, the slats gather at the top of the window and let you enjoy the outside view. When they are lowered and closed, they completely block the light and let you sleep in peace even at day time. You can arrange your Wooden Blinds in various styles according to the light and privacy you need.

Wooden Blinds Dubai is available in different shades including matte paint, stains, varnish, simple wax, etc. if you want to have a cozy vibe, then go for the darker shade of varnish, simple wax, etc. If you want your room to look brighter and fresh, a white or cream finish is perfect.

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Impressed with the positive working attitude, product quality, delivery, and installation services of the fixitdesign team. The whole team worked in a friendly environment and fix these blinds so well and made them easy to operate for us.

It was a great experience and no doubt I am so happy to have new Wooden Blinds Dubai installed giving an attractive yet elegant look to my house. Excellent service. I would definitely shop again.

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So in short, Wooden Window Blinds never fails to look gorgeous. They are beneficial in all aspects but do not forget to do termite treatment before installing it, as wood is very easily exposed to termite. Otherwise, they are good. Wooden Blinds Dubai can be easily cleaned with either wet or dry pieces of cloth.

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