10 Best Wallpaper Shops In Dubai

Best Wallpaper Shops In Dubai

Wallpaper Dubai

Wallpaper is one of the finest & most cost-effective options for wall treatments and they have significantly replaced other coverings lately. One can expect a great deal of performance, longevity, ease of handling, and most importantly abundant aesthetic possibilities from a wallpaper treatment.

However, in order to get all these plus points, it’s greatly important to choose wallpapers correctly, which refers to selecting the right provider/supplier/retailer. And if you’re looking forward to having a residential or commercial wall treatment upgrade, Fixit Design is at your service with the best list of wallpaper dealers to reach out to in Dubai.

Top 10 Wallpaper Suppliers In Dubai

Following is our precisely chosen list of the most promising wallpaper brands in Dubai, which you can consider if you’re in search of a suitable wall treatment provider for your homes or offices. All these shops have a great range of products and also offer all the dedicated services with excellence, meaning you can guarantee a worthwhile wall covering for your places.

Muse Design

Muse Design

Muse Design is the #1 provider of residential & commercial renovations and improvements and a reputable wallpaper shop Dubai as well. Here you can get the most luxurious choices of premium-quality wallpaper for both homes & offices and create the finest-looking spaces around you.

Their wallpapers feature excellent build quality and endless design choices to help with achieving all kinds of decor goals. Moreover, the wallpapers are greatly long-lasting and low-maintenance, making them a great choice for households. The pricing of nearly all options is affordable as well and the wallpapers tend to be highly cost-effective.

Official Website: Musedesign.ae

Contact: +971553573290info@musedesign.ae

Fixit Dubai

fixit dubai

Fixit Dubai is another excellent recommendation for home decor products and home improvement services. Here you can find a range of classy options of Wallpaper Dubai for residential and commercial spaces. Their wallpapers come with a decent build quality and the aesthetic versatility caters to all sorts of tastes and preferences.

Over and above, this brand provides remarkable custom-made wall treatments which means you can get every desired design and material for your home wall covering. Also, this shop provides old wallpaper removal services so that you can enjoy a quick and hassle-free interior improvement. Wallpaper fixing and installation services are also available at reasonable rates.

Official Website: Fixitdubai.ae

Contact: +971 5063 79229info@fixitdubai.ae

Land Of Wallpaper


Land of Wallpaper is amongst the best Wallpaper shops in Dubai and a great source for the most cost-effective wallpaper treatments for both homes and offices. This brand offers a versatile range of wallpapers for every setting and space. Most particularly, here you can find the finest bedroom, living room, kids’ room, kitchen, and office wallpapers.

One of their significant wall-covering products is the Brick Wallpaper which creates the most eye-catching and classic interiors and you can choose it for just about any area. In addition to wallpapers, you can also get wall panels from this brand. Moreover, they provide affordable wall-art fixing services in all areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Official Website: Landofwallpaper.com

Contact: +971 5021 36026, info@landofwallpaper.com

Wallpaper Land

Wallpaper land

Wallpaper Land is another trustworthy option to consider when you’re looking for the best wallpaper suppliers in Dubai. Their wide and versatile collections include suitable and highly functional options for every area of a home and office wallpapers are also available at this shop. You can expect the most unique and timeless decor creations with their wallpapers.

All the wallpaper products by this brand have a fine build quality and feature extreme resilience against damaging factors. Other than wallpapers, you can also shop for wall panels and get wall painting services from this company. The pricing of every product and servicing is entirely budget-friendly and you can be rest assured about their cost-effectivity as well.

Official Website: Wallpaperland.ae


Design Furniture


When you look for wallpaper shops near me in Dubai, you’re meant to come across Design Furniture as it is one of the most popular wall-styling services’ providers. This brand offers an impressive range of residential and commercial wallpapers along with all the dedicated services of installation and fixing; best and most time-saving home improvement deal.

What makes this brand worth going for is its custom wallpaper designing services, which provide you with endless possibilities to create your dream decor. Moreover, you can benefit from their free area measurement and wallpaper sampling services as well, that too, right at your doorstep. Plus, the pricing structure at this brand is completely affordable.

Official Website: Designfurniture.ae

Contact: info@designfurniture.ae

Curtains-dubai Store

Curtains dubai

Curtains-dubai Store is one incredibly fine brand to choose for wallpaper services in Dubai. Here you can get specialized foam-backed vinyl and metallic wallpapers for long-lasting and unique home decors. Their wallpapers are UV-resistant and fire retardant as well, hence the safest choice for households. Besides, the structure does not contain toxins for a healthy air quality.

If you’re specifically searching for mold and scratch-resistant wallpapers, Curtains-dubai Store can offer you a range of impressive options. Moreover, you can get their custom wallpapers for a truly one-of-a-kind wall look. Their services are available all across Dubai and Abu Dhabi at reasonable rates.

Official Website: Curtains-dubai.ae

Contact: info@curtains-dubai.ae

Carpeter Store


Carpeter is one of the biggest providers of decor and interior design improvement products and services. Their Wallpaper Dubai ranges are incredibly versatile and best-suitable for every home and workspace interior. The quality of the wallpapers is excellent and they feature a reasonable toughness against wear and tear, plus are easy to clean too.

In addition to that, the wallpapers come with integrated backings for added performance and longevity and you can effectively treat even the most problematic walls with them. Customized wallpapers are also available for unique decor requirements. Also, this brand provides efficient installation, fixing and fitting services for wallpapers on a budget.

Official Website: Carpeter.ae

Contact: info@carpeter.ae

NGC Nafees


NGC Nafees is a well-known wallpaper store in Dubai that offers the best range of commercial and residential wallpapers. Their residential wallpapers come in two main categories which are Quickshipand Designer WallpapersBesides, there’s a whole range of specialized kids wallpapers available in eye-catching options.

As for their commercial wallpaper collection, it also features multiple categories with Textile Wallcovering and Acoustic Wallcovering being the prominent options. This brand offers a range of color choices and you can enjoy the easiest selection through filters available at their official website. They boast 24-hour delivery and expert installation services as well.

Official Website: Ngcmiddleeast.com

Contact: connect@ngcmiddleeast.com


SkiptonwallSkiptonWall is another renowned brand providing wallpapers, curtains and blinds. This british brand is one of the most reputable wallpaper suppliers in Dubai and you can also shop for their products online at Noon. Their wallpapers stand out with the finest quality and come in multiple classy collections for a convenient selection. Color and design options are highly versatile too.

Other than the main showroom in Sharjah, this brand also has a fine outlet in Jumeirah 3 Dubai. You can take advantage of their free consultation services and get suitable recommendations for your needs and taste. Also, you can shop for their high-quality window curtains and blinds for a perfectly complementing decor.

Official Website: Skiptonwall.com

Contact: contact@skiptonwall.com

Wall Panel


Wall Panel is an extraordinary Wallpaper Shop in Dubai where you can get the best wallpapers and wall painting services for every space of your homes and offices. From bedroom to kitchen, you can find a range of unique designs for all kinds of decors and themes. Their wallpapers are made of high-quality vinyl and non-woven cellulose and polyester and offer decent performance.

You can also get realistic and eye-catching 3d wallpapers from this brand for an outstanding room look. This company also provides wallpaper installation services with promising efficiency and rapidity. You can also hire their professionals for measuring the walls and suggesting suitable options free of cost. The entire pricing structure for wall treatments is budget-friendly.

Official Website: Wallpanel.ae

Contact: info@wallpanel.ae

Final Note on Best Wallpaper Shops in Dubai

Everyone is quite likely to experience some (or a lot of) inconvenience and indecisiveness when looking for “Wallpaper Services Near Me”, due to the diversity of options available. And to help you out regarding this very concern, we’ve come up with the most comprehensive enlisted info about the best wallpaper service providers in Dubai. We hope this data will help you decide on the perfect shop for all your requirements and preferences and that you make cost-effective choices. Wishing you entirely wonderful wallpaper additions ahead!

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