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How To Hang Curtains In A Rental Apartment – Best Curtain Rods

Hang Curtains In Rental Apartment

Living in a rental home or other forms of temporary accommodation immensely calls for making mindful choices and being very careful about what you add to the place. One such major concern (or problem) is the right choice of window treatments, which must not damage the window frame or the walls and still provide all the benefits.

This very aspect tends to be a matter of serious trouble for many people and if you’re one of them or about to be one of them, Fixit Design has got you covered by all means. Our today’s presentation contains a detailed description of how to hang curtains in an apartment, along with the best recommendations for Rental Friendly Curtain Rods.

Guide To The Finest Rental-Friendly Window Treatments 

We shall be dividing our discussion into two major parts for convenient navigation and comprehension.

Hang Curtains In Rental Apartment | Rental Friendly Method

Hang Curtains In Rental Apartment

Ahead is an easy and efficient way to install apartment curtains Dubai without causing any damage to the area around.

P.S. This method involves the use of tension curtain rods.

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • Tension curtain rod (following the width of your place’s window)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Curtains (only get those with rod pockets, grommets, or loops)

How To Do It

  1. Begin by measuring the width of your window with a measuring tape.
  2. Use the obtained measurements to get a suitable tension rod that should extend to the width of the window.
  3. For Inside Mount: hold the rod inside the frame of the window at the top and twist it to extend its length on both sides, until it snugly fits against the window frame. For Outside Mount: hold the tension rod outside the window frame and do the same twisting until both ends are firmly secured against the adjacent walls.
  4. Once the rod gets held up well by tension, thread the curtains onto it. In the case of grommet or rod pocket curtains, you’ll need to slide them onto the rod first and then fit it in the window frame/between walls.
  5. Spread your curtains evenly and test the secure positioning of the rod by pulling the curtains slightly.

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Apartment Friendly Curtain Rods | Damage-Free Apartment Curtain Ideas

Budget friendly Curtain rods

Other than rod recommendations, we’ve also mentioned various alternatives for temporarily hanging apartment curtains.

Best Rods For Hanging Apartment Curtains!

  • Tension Rods: As you’d have guessed with the curtain fitting method mentioned above, tension curtain rods do not require any drilling or even screws. They can easily fit between a window frame or two walls over tension.
  • Magnetic Curtain Rods: These rods can be directly attached to the window frame without the need for any hardware or drilling. However, they work for metal window frames only.
  • Spring Tension Rods: These rods work similarly to tension rods but they can only be used inside the window frame. They are great for hanging lightweight or moderately heavy curtains.
  • Twist And Fit Rods: These rods can be mounted inside the window frame and have non-slip and non-scratch end caps for a secure and non-damaging fit. They come in many beautiful design options and make a great decorative window treatment.
  • DIY Rods For Curtains: In this regard, you can make a smart use of many objects as curtain rods, e.g. wooden dowels, twigs/branches, PVC pipes, metal pipes, closet rods, ropes, or belts. You can even repurpose a non-functional ladder or use a suspended plant shelf for hanging curtains.

Important Consideration: Always analyze the weight of your curtains before selecting any rod type. You might as well, need to have additional arrangements/hardware for heavier drapes.

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Alternatives Ways To Hang Rental Apartment Curtains 

Hang Curtains

Command Hooks: Command hooks are widely used hardware for hanging curtains in rental homes. They do not cause any marks or holes on the walls and have seamless working. However, you need to get the right hooks that can bear your curtains’ weight.

  • Tension Wire Systems: In a tension wire system, a wire under tension is fixed within a window frame or between two adjacent walls. These systems are quite like tension rods, but instead of a rod, a wire is used. They work quite finely for lightweight curtains.
  • Kwik-hang Curtain Rod Brackets: These are specialized brackets that can be easily tapped into the window trim’s top for fitting, hence no screws are needed. However, it’s important to consider the type of window trim for using these brackets.
  • Velcro: Velcro can be used for hanging lightweight window curtains like sheers and it offers a reasonably long-lasting holding. However, at times, it is likely to damage wall paint so make sure to be careful while removing velcro.
  • Adhesive Strips: These strips work similarly to velcro and can be considered for temporary window coverings. It’s a good idea to only use them for lighter drapes or sheer curtains and practice caution while taking them off.
  • Ceiling Hooks: These hooks come with an adhesive backing that gets stuck to the ceiling and can be used for hanging curtains. They usually sit on each side of the window frame.
  • Repurposing Old Stuff: Many items can be used as substitutes for curtains for apartments such as thick fabrics, removable wallpaper, freestanding screens, or window films.

In Essence 

Choosing suitable and most importantly non-damaging window treatments for rental homes can be a major bummer, but won’t be anymore, as long as you have this precise guide of ours up your sleeve. We’ve not just got you a straightforward curtain installation method but also a range of helpful recommendations for rental apartment-friendly curtain rods so that you can have a trouble-free stay and ensure maximum peace of mind yourself. Not to mention that this precise guide will also help you save money on installation expenses while making you spend your money on favorable stuff. We wish you pleasant window treatments and even more delightful accommodation experiences ahead!

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