10 Latest design Curtains that make your window more stylish

latest design curtains

Latest design Curtains: When it comes to decorating your interior, curtains are considered an essential element. Your choice of curtains not only enhances your interior but also reflects your personality and taste. Among numerous curtain choices and the New design curtains in Dubai, it is quite difficult to choose the pair of curtains that complement your interior and also offer you other functional benefits.

Apart from blending with your decoration theme, the curtains you choose must offer you much-needed privacy, allow you to control the intensity of light, and be flexible with the change of temperature. Fixit Design, a known manufacturer in Dubai, offers a wide range of modern office curtains in Dubai and the Latest design Curtains For the home.

Nowadays, everyone wants to keep their home decor up to the latest design standards and to help you in choosing the New design curtains, I have compiled the top 10 trending new curtains.

Explore The Latest Design Curtains 2024


We’ve come a long way since we covered the windows with a cloth to keep out dust and heat. The new design curtains are functional and practical to protect the room from heat loss in winter and keep the room cool in summer.

Latest Design Curtains in Dubai come with special features that keep them new for long periods of time, such as stain-resistant and fade-resistant fabrics, machine-washable curtains, and iron-free curtains.

After considering different curtain products & the New design curtains, choose carefully and try all the components (fabrics, colours, patterns, special features, curtain accessories) to suit your needs. From the idea of elevated living room curtains to the idea of practical bedroom curtains, here are more than 10 best designs of curtains:

Eyelet Curtains:

Latest design Curtains

Eyelet Curtains are also known as grommets. They are perfect for adding a dramatic statement to your room. The fabric with the deep and fine folds, smooth flows over your window to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

These curtains are hung through poles with round-shaped metal rings. The specialty of these Latest design curtains is that they fit any kind of contemporary or traditional interior. You can add these curtains to the bedroom, living room, and guest room while keeping the blending theme of the interior.

Blackout curtains:

Latest design Curtains

Modern blackout curtains is probably the best type of curtains used around the words.

These New design curtains come with room-darkening features, manufactured with a thicker fabric but lighter and appearance. These curtains are a practical choice that’ll provide you quality sleep with the ability to block the maximum amount of light and keep the room temperature moderate throughout the year.

Pencil Pleat Curtains:


These are classic Latest design curtains with the tightly pinched folds of fabrics that seem like lines of pencils. The header of these curtains is closely pleated and the remaining fabrics fall down to the floor.

Sheer Curtains:

Latest design Curtains

These curtains are lightweight curtains, offering a significant amount of privacy and allowing natural light to pass through them. According to the latest design trends, these sheers curtains are also known as the New design curtains for the kitchen. Moreover, these curtains are simple and easy to use. In the bedroom, living room, or any other room, these curtains are used in combination with other fabrics.

Silk Curtains:

Latest design Curtains

Silk has always been a luxury fabric when transforming into window curtains these Silk Curtains Dubai offers an elegant and royal look to your window treatments. The softness, brightness, and plain shiny textures made these Latest Design Curtains a top choice for many homeowners.

Linen Curtains:

latest design curtains

Linen Curtains Dubai are an ideal choice for your home, and offices suitable to use for a longer period of time. Linen curtains are practical and easy to maintain.

Cotton Curtains:

Latest design Curtains

Cotton curtains are the best choice for more traditional home decor. These New design curtains are available in a versatile range of colors with the ability to blend any theme of interior design. These curtains can be easily cleaned and washed.

Somfy Curtains:

Latest design Curtains

Somfy curtains offer a touch of elegance to your interior with a variety of different designs, colors, and textures. These curtains are a perfect solution for easy maintenance window treatment solutions, designed with the latest technologies for the comfort of users.

Dragon Mart Curtains:

Latest design Curtains

Dragon mart curtains are getting popular nowadays. These latest design curtains are manufactured with tightly and finely woven fabric. The bright and sturdy colors with durable quality make them a priority choice for residential and commercial use.

Motorized Curtains:

Latest design Curtains

The top choice modern home curtains, easy to operate with the latest motorized technologies. These curtains come with an easy-to-use mechanism, you can operate them with remote control just with a fingertip.


All these New Designs Curtains are designed to suit different kinds of interior decor themes. Whether you need curtains for your home or office, any type of curtains from the above list can suit your place. You can easily choose the most complimenting set of curtains and make your home or office a perfect inviting place.

Fixit Design is a known manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of curtains at reasonable rates and also cost-effective fixing and installation services all over UAE. Getting your Latest design curtains installed with professional hands increases your curtains’ life and makes them enhances the look of your space!

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