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100% Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Get the most Peaceful Interior with Our Soundproof Curtains

Everyone wants to have quietness and calmness in their working and living spaces. Therefore, Fixit Design has come up with the most effective solution to reduce external noise inside your premises. Our soundproof curtains in Dubai will keep your places free from the noises of busy roads and neighborhoods.

Besides eliminating sound in your room, these curtains add a touch of luxury as well. They are available in a wide variety of textures, designs, and fabrics. Our sound proof curtains collection features suitable window coverings for all interior styles.

We Recently Installed Soundproof Curtains in Dubai

We have installed a range of soundproof window coverings in various residential and commercial places.

Areas of Application of Our Soundproof Curtains in Dubai

  • Residential Spaces: You can make your bedrooms more comfortable with our sound-absorbing curtains in Dubai.
  • Commercial Offices: You can make your conference rooms and office cabins soundproof with our thick curtains.
  • Recording Studios: We offer the most effective noise-reducing curtains with back lining to reduce noise to the maximum level.
  • Home Theaters: Our curtains let people enjoy watching movies in their homes by providing significant sound insulation.
  • Healthcare Facilities: You can easily make a patient’s room free from noise with our curtains, providing a comfortable space for rest.

Explore the Extensive Collection of Our Soundproof Curtains

Our best curtains store in Dubai provides the latest designs on different fabrics with special lining effects to reduce the noise in your places. This way, you can make the most out of your resting time. These are some of the most effective curtain fabrics for sound reduction.

  • Velvet Fabirc
  • Polyester Fabric
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Sued Fabric
  • Wool Fabric
Our Luxury Soundproof curtains Dubai, UAE

What are the Benefits of Installing Our Soundproof Curtains Dubai?

Fixit Design always comes up with the most innovative window coverings solutions offering maximum functionality. Here are some more benefits of using our sound blocking curtains.

  • These curtains are made of thick fabric to enable privacy in your room.
  • Your sleep quality will be improved ten times by installing these curtains.
  • As an energy-efficient solution, our soundproof curtains provide insulation to your room.
  • Adding these curtains is a cost-effective way to reduce sound in your offices and other places.
  • Our soundproof window coverings look stylish and attractive in all places.
  • These acoustic curtains stay functional for more than 27 years, with a proper cleaning routine.
Trendy Soundproof Curtains Dubai

Get Expert Installation of Soundproof Curtains From Us

You need to be extra careful when it comes to the installation of soundproof window curtains in Dubai. We always provide top-quality window coverings for maximum functionality. Any drapes with poor lining will not reduce the sound in your room. Besides, these curtains require the perfect fitting to reduce external noise.

At Fixit Design, we provide top-notch soundproof curtain fixing &  installation services at low costs. We ensure exact measurements of your windows to avoid empty spaces around the frame. Our team is capable of providing the most effective curtain fitting to reduce noise. You can call us now to fix the installation date for our affordable soundproof curtains Dubai.

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Why Choose Us For Soundproof Curtains Dubai?

Fixit Design is the most reputable curtain brand in Al Quoz, Dubai. At our store, we provide a wide range of stylish and functional curtains for all kinds of spaces. Our noise-canceling curtains are the top-selling product because everyone wants a quiet environment. You can eliminate the noise in your room by hanging these magical curtains. 

  • Modern Designs
  • Fabric Choices
  • Free Measurements
  • Efficient Installation

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Soundproof curtains are made of thick materials like wool, cotton, and polyester to enable maximum sound reduction. In addition, we embed the back lining to completely stop the sound waves from entering your premises. They block the sound to a significant level.

Our soundproof curtains can reduce the sound from 20 to 25 dB. These curtains are specifically made for apartments that face traffic noises. They will reduce the noise of busy roads in their bedrooms and living rooms. If we talk about office areas, they can provide comfortable noise-free spaces within your busy office surroundings. 

The accurate size of these curtains is so crucial. We never compromise on the measurements of soundproof window covering solutions. Our company has an expert team to take flawless window frame measurements for efficient soundproofing. This service is available for free to our customers.

Yes, you can get access to our exclusive gallery to choose the most suitable design of soundproof curtain fabrics. Our team will prepare the curtains according to your chosen design. You can also order custom designs for personalized interior looks.

Besides providing sound reduction, these curtains are known for enabling temperature insulation in your place. These curtains are made of natural materials that keep the temperature of your room regulated. They will make your rooms energy efficient with their amazing insulating properties.