10 Things That Tell You Need A New Wallpaper

Things That tell you need a new wallpaper

Wallpapers, despite all their utility and high performance, have an expiry date and are likely to become useless and even nasty-looking if not replaced timely. However, this aspect isn’t obvious or visible every time and sometimes, it can even take many years for you to realize that your wallpapers need to be changed or fixed, if you don’t pay enough attention.

This is quite a common phenomenon for people who are either using wallpapers for the first time and/or aren’t aware of the signs of deterioration. Of course, a timely identification as well as replacement of damaged wallpapers is more than crucial. Fixit Design is right at your service with a precise guide to help you provide things that tell you need a new wallpaper.

Signs For Wallpaper Replacement | Essential Factors To Be Acknowledged

The following data will help you plan on favourable home improvement services (wallpaper repairs or replacements) in a timely manner.

Let’s start with a basic pondering or question.

Why Is It Necessary To Replace Wallpapers At Regular Intervals?

Wallpaper Replacement

There are several good reasons for considering this!

  • While you might not notice a damaged or worn-out wallpaper due to its still-beautiful appearance, such wallpapers can actually be a threat for your indoor air quality and ultimately for your health.
  • This matter is especially worthy of attention if you’ve got any allergies or breathing problems because some wallpapers have adhesives that can be hazardous after certain periods of time.
  • An unnoticed damaged wallpaper can hide some actual issues of your walls, such as moisture problems, which, if left unaddressed, can become serious and lead to plenty of trouble and expenses.
  • If you’re planning on a paint job, it becomes necessary to remove old wallpaper because having a paint job on top of a wallpaper is an absolutely bad idea that will waste both your investment and time.
  • If your wallpaper has some visible flaws or defiled parts, it is always the best approach to treat it or have it replaced altogether in an opportune time, because if it gets discontinued in the market, you’ll be left with no fixes and even more expenses.

At the end of the day, changing your wall treatment is a healthy decision which won’t just benefit your property but will also make you feel pleasant.

How To Identify The Need For A New Wallpaper Treatment?

Up ahead are the warning signs that will let you know that it’s high time you go for a new wallpaper Dubai addition.

1- Visible Fading Or Discoloration

Visible Fading Or Discoloration

By far, the most obvious red flag in terms of a wallpaper treatment is its fading or discolouration, meaning your precious (and maybe expensive!) wallpaper has begun to lose its colour or texture richness and appear boring and unattractive. That’s when you know a replacement is due because you wouldn’t want a nasty wall treatment to cancel out the beauty of the rest of your home.

2- Peeling Corners Or Edges

Peeling Corners Or Edges

After a certain period of time, wallpapers tend to come off from edges or corners which means that the adhesive has ceased to function. This isn’t just a very unattractive thing to look at but can also reveal all the flaws of your walls from underneath. Such wallpaper will deteriorate the entire look of your room and can lead to some even adverse outcomes if you plan on selling your property. Nobody likes a poorly maintained place!

3- Bubbles Or Wrinkles Development

The buildup of wrinkles or bubbles is mostly a result of faulty installation or humidity if you manage to get the earlier factor right. This can seriously diminish the beauty of a wallpaper and can even cause it to come off completely, if not addressed quickly. This does have an impact on the look of the room and can also hinder the correct application/addition of a new wall treatment.

4- Appearance Of Moisture Damage

Appearance Of Moisture Damage

Exposure to moisture or water can majorly take a toll on both the look and structural integrity of a wallpaper, leading to multiple obvious signs. These usually include staining, peeling from corners and in worst cases, visible mold growth and/or odor. So if you come across any of these signs, make sure you prioritize a new wallpaper treatment/paint job as early as possible. Also, such a wallpaper can be a health hazard too, due to mold growth and strong fumes.

5- Visible Seams Or Separation

Wallpaper seams that appear prominent are another major sign for the need of a replacement. That’s because wallpaper seams are supposed to be invisible (constant enough). And do keep it in mind that overlooked wallpaper seams can also end up causing the wallpaper to get separated completely at any time. Some quick fixes can be feasible but the best approach is to have the entire thing replaced.

6- Unsightly Wear And Tear

Unsightly Wear And Tear

If you have kids and/or pets, there are high chance that your wallpapers begin to show stains, scratches, marks or tears soon enough. Even if you are conscious and regular about the cleanups, there’s meant to come a time when those maintenance practices will simply go fruitless. That’s when it becomes imperative to replace the wallpaper with a new one. So the next time you don’t see your wallpaper wiping attempts to be working, you know what to do.

7- Mildewy Or Musty Odors

Wallpapers that are old enough and/or those that have been subjected to moisture or humidity are the most likely to emit nasty odours or to be specific, mouldy ones. This is the kind of damage that is both unpleasant to look at and unhealthy to be around, especially if you have any allergies or breathing concerns that can be triggered. So it goes without saying that as soon as you notice any such smell, consider a wallpaper replacement immediately.

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8- Outdated Design Or Color

Outdated Design Or Color

Of course, wallpapers, similar to any other decor element can go out of fashion or simply stop to look attractive anymore. That’s majorly due to the rapid shifts in interior design trends, so if you’re someone who likes to keep up with the latest trends, you would definitely want to go for a new wallpaper. A smart idea at this point is to invest in classic colors or designs that can go well with all sorts of decor themes.

9- Selling Of Property

If you ever plan on selling your place, it’s a favourable approach to have the existing wallpaper removed, whether or not it’s damaged. That’s because the new owners aren’t quite likely to approve of your wallpaper and most people prefer bare walls so that they can have treatments of their choice. In other words, neutral and clean walls have a higher potential of attracting buyers than wallpapered ones. Some people also associate this with good maintenance of the property.

10- Change Of Taste

Change Of Taste

This factor isn’t about any technical flaw or damage of the wallpaper, but rather with personal choices. If your existing wallpaper doesn’t excite you or seem pleasant to you anymore, it’s nearly mandatory to go for a change, so as to ensure peace of mind. At the end of the day, home is where you’re supposed to feel delighted and energized, instead of bored. Therefore, as your aesthetic taste grows and changes/becomes better, so should your home decor too.

In A Nutshell

Changing your home wallpaper is always a beneficial idea that leads to a range of positive impacts and many financial perks too. However, this aspect isn’t always likely to cross your mind when it should, which makes it necessary to look for signs that indicate the need for replacement. Taking proper action at the right time can save you from a lot of mental and financial inconvenience in the future and will prove to be advantageous for preserving the value of your property as well. With all that said, we hope that you find this out-of-the-box guidance to be entirely interesting and thought-provoking. Good luck with all your upcoming home improvements.

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