How To Wallpaper Sloping/ Slanting Ceilings & Walls? | Choice Of Wallpaper, Methods, & Ideas

How To Wallpaper Sloping/ Slanting Ceilings & Walls?

How To Wallpaper Sloping Slanting Ceilings & Walls

Wallpapers are a worthwhile decor element to style and cover your building’s walls. The interior design of every building, even every room, varies because of its specific infrastructure. For small spaces, sloping and slanting ceilings can be constructed in any interior that can be ideally covered with decorative wallpapers.

To give the finest cover to your sloped and slanted ceilings/ walls, wallpaper in Dubai is an extraordinary choice to settle for. If you are planning to cover your sloped ceilings here is a guide for installation, selection, and wallpaper ideas. In this article, we have summarized the effective tips in detail for your room improvement.

First Go For Detailed Planning

First Go For Detailed Planning

Not all sloped ceilings are the same in any interior design and they can vary in number and magnitude. If you are thinking of covering your room’s slopped ceiling with decorative papers, first, make a proper plan. Because the angles, pitches, and parameters of sloped ceilings can be different for each room with steep slopes and higher roof pitch. Whether it’s a knee wall, jamb wall, or flap tile, you have to get everything right from ceiling dimensions to the selection of decor papers.

Steps to Get Your Sloped Ceilings Covered With Decorative Papers

You can ideally cover your slopped ceiling with papers for styling purposes as well as functionality enhancements. This article by Fixit Design carries every detail from essential materials to effective ideas regarding ceiling/ wall coverings for your convenience. Let’s get started!

List Of Essential Tools And Materials

Besides decorative covers, you’ll need:

  • Adhesive Materials
  • Lint Or Paint Roller
  • Step Ladder
  • Straight Edge Ruler
  • Caulk Paste
  • Sharp Knife
  1. Preparation Of Area


Preparation Of Area

To cover your slanted ceilings, you have to assess the surface condition to check humidity levels. You can cover any cracked or scratched area with a thick paste of caulk and apply it with a sharp knife over the affected area. Also, you can sand down and paint the surfaces with flaking paints.

  1. Application Of Adhesive

After you are done with ceiling or wall preparation, now is the time for the adhesive application. Take a good-quality sticky adhesive and apply it over the surface using a brush or roller. Using a step ladder, go for a single adhesive layer and apply in a small portion at first. Before you begin installing these covers, apply another adhesive layer over the ceiling.

  1. Apply & Smooth Out With Roller

Apply & Smooth Out With Roller

For ceiling cover application, you have to set these covers along the plumb line at first. Then start moving it bit by bit towards the slope and keep brushing it side by side so that it can adhere better to your sloped ceilings. To eliminate any bubbles and uneven surfaces, use paint or a lint roller after application.

Tips For Choosing Your Wallpaper For Sloped Interior Ceilings

Tips For Choosing Your Wallpaper For Sloped Interior Ceilings

The selection of wall decor covers from best shops requires a lot of considerations to create the right ambience in your small to large living spaces.


Decorative covers are available in the market vinyl, paper, flock, grasscloth, foil, fabric, paintable, textured, wood, bamboo, metallic, and mural. To reflect your style and suit your surrounding decor, you can pick any of the styles from their extensive types.


The next aspect must be regarded specifically when you are selecting these decorative papers for sloped ceilings. For layouts and patterns, you have overwhelming choices including floral, lined, textured, dotted, geometric, abstract prints, spiral, curved, and classic ones.


For a pop interior design, it is essential to pick the right colour tone that won’t overpower the entire space’s look. From soft and neutrals to dark and bold colour palettes, you have thousands of colour choices to pick from. For a soft ambience, select light and for a bold statement, pick dark colour tones for these decorative papers.

Wallpaper Methods & Ideas For Slopping & Slanting Ceilings

Wallpaper Methods & Ideas For Slopping & Slanting Ceilings

To elevate your room’s interior design with sloped and slanted ceilings, here are some of the exclusive ideas to discover.

1. Emphasize Slopped Ceiling With Patterned Wallpapers

Room walls with slanted ceilings can be styled with patterned wall covers to add visual interest to your interiors. These coverings will give your downward ceilings a highlighted look. With striking patterns or motifs including tropical rain forests, colourful birds of paradise, stylized flowers, lush bouquets, and minimal prints, you can create a featured decor statement.

2. Use One Length Or Two Parts of Wallpaper

For the ceiling slope, wall decor covers can be applied either in one length or two parts. For one length, the stripes of decorative covers are comparatively large and need careful application, practising the plumb line rule. For the two parts of coverings, there’s a different approach, because you don’t cut strips for overall length rather go for the knee wall. By holding both parts in equal length, they can be applied over the wall, featuring a seamless appearance.

3. Accentuate A Neutral Decor Cover on Slanted Ceilings

You can bring uniqueness and a dramatic vibe to your living space with the addition of a solid design and neutral-themed wall cover. It is the most suggested option for confined or small living rooms as it will timelessly enhance the space’s impression and create the illusion of a large space. Neutral-themed wall accessories serve as the focal statement in any living area.

4. Try Removable Wall Covers On Sloped Walls

To add a sensation of style while maintaining the calm aesthetics of your space, you can select plain or textured removable wall covers. These decorative pieces are particularly suggested when you are unsure about your commitment to wallpapering your slanted ceilings. These decorative covers can be changed or replaced as per your interest according to the latest trends.

5. Add Contrast Or Retro Vibes With Modern Designs

To embrace modern aesthetics, you can opt for retro styles for wall-covering essentials. With dark or vibrant tones and nostalgic retro photographs, you can create an inspiring interior. The neutral wall paint and black and white photographs, the sloped ceilings will add the vintage vibe, giving any room a heightened impression.

6. Match The Ceiling Color To the Walls For Unified Looks

An energized space can be timelessly created by practising the idea of matching decorative cover colours to the wall and ceiling of your room. This approach will create well-balanced interiors without overpowering the aesthetics and overall look of your space. For the steeped and angled walls and ceilings, you can try lined, neutral, or stripped pattern covers that will add timeless elegance to your interiors.

Closing Note!

Wallpapers are the ideal way to boost the style and maximize the aesthetics of any space. Rooms with slopped ceilings create a huge amount of creative potential, improving the aesthetics with wall decor paper. To give your slopped ceilings an extraordinary touch, you can first decide on the wallpaper colour, material, texture, and pattern according to the room dimensions to set the right aesthetics and ambience.

To get your slopped ceiling walls covered, you have to set it along the plumb line and move across the ceiling slope bit by bit. Brush your wall covers across the sloped surface, allowing the air to escape from the sides and ensuring the lower part doesn’t touch the wall. In addition to wall cover fixing, you can discover various purposeful ideas in this guide with methods for fixing and ideas and tips for selection to give your sloped ceiling an instant touch of sophistication.

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