What Are The Pros And Cons Of Rubber Flooring?

Rubber flooring has become a must-have for many settings lately, and for good reason. This is particularly true for commercial and industrial spaces, which are almost always treated with rubber tiles or matting. So, it is needless to say that this flooring is the wisest choice for residential usage, too, with heavy-duty performance and longevity being the major perks.

However, you won’t know its usefulness if you haven’t had a rubber-material floor treatment before. You might as well be seeking rubber tiles or mats as your next potential flooring, but you probably don’t have enough info to be fully convinced. Fixit Design has your back in every scenario and welcomes you to read a beneficial discussion.

Major Plus Points And Drawbacks Of Rubber Flooring | Favorable Insights 

Plus Points And Drawbacks Of Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring in Dubai can be a perfect option for any interior or exterior. Still, there are some circumstances or conditions in which it may not be suitable and may cause you to reconsider your decision.

We’ll discuss all of them in detail, and this data will help you make the most fruitful choices.

Pros Of Rubber Flooring

Pros Of Rubber Flooring

Here’s why you should prioritize rubber flooring over any other option if you’re about to have residential or commercial floor upgrades/renovations.

1- Extreme Durability

Rubber tile or mat flooring is guaranteed to serve you for the longest periods of time. This impressive longevity comes from its high resilience, and whether you need a new floor indoors or outdoors, this flooring can be the perfect option for long-lasting comfort and aesthetics.

2- Efficient Resilience 

You’d be aware that this flooring is widely utilized in commercial settings, primarily gyms and sports facilities. This is because it features a high resistance against the most influential factors, such as moisture, impact damage, footfall intensity, temperature fluctuations, and surface deterioration. Think about how well such flooring will perform in your building’s interiors!

3- Great Comfort

Another fundamental advantage of rubber home or gym flooring is the maximum underfoot comfort. This flooring has a cushioned surface and helps minimize all sorts of pressures on feet and joints, making it easy to stand and/or work for a long time. This factor also proves to be extremely favourable in case of accidents as it prevents injuries up to a significant extent.

4- Maximum Safety

By far, the biggest perk of using flooring is that it will make the floors safest and completely anti-slip for every activity, mainly workouts. It offers excellent traction to minimize the likelihood of slipping and/or falling. Moreover, this also benefits in terms of floor protection against sudden dropping or falling of heavy equipment, a common phenomenon in gyms.

5- Easy Maintenance 

This is one of the most practical floor treatments which requires minimal and inexpensive upkeep. Thanks to its high resistance against spills, stains and debris, it is very effortless to clean and does not require any particular agents or equipment either. All kinds of buildups on the surface of this flooring can be cleared out with simple vacuuming or mopping.

6- Aesthetic Versatility 

Rubber home or gym flooring also does not disappoint regarding design choices and aesthetic possibilities. You can choose rubber flooring in a range of classy and cool colours, along with plenty of different patterns and textures. This way, it becomes a complementary match for every kind of space. You can even have logos or messages printed on it for commercial use.

7- Noise Reduction

Another manner in which rubber flooring contributes to making interiors comfortable is noise dampening. Since it has a thick structure and often employs underlayments, all the surrounding sounds and echoes are effectively reduced or even eradicated completely. This tends to favour maintaining disturbance-free environments in gyms during noisy times.

8- Energy Efficiency

This flooring is also excellent at providing insulation and temperature regulation. This flooring makes it easy to maintain a comfortable interior environment without artificial sources. Besides insulation, it does not get excessively hot either, making it easy to work out. This aspect also ensures a significant reduction of energy expenses over time.

9- Cost Effectivity 

Rubber home or commercial flooring is the kind of treatment that won’t cost you excessively upfront and still provides an impressive and long-lasting performance. It is very convenient to find an option that suits your budget and the longevity makes this flooring value for money. Besides, if you do invest in more costly versions, the durability is meant to be multiplied.

Cons Of Rubber Flooring

Cons Of Rubber Flooring

Following is the description of the downside of rubber material flooring and we suggest you consider these factors before finalizing a choice.

1- Limited Durability

The thinner or flimsy versions of rubber flooring may not be as durable, which means that you have to invest in more high-end options if you want extensive performance. This is specifically true for commercial-grade usage.

2- Installation Expenses

Installing this flooring is entirely a professional’s job; you cannot expect good or acceptable results through DIY attempts. This aspect is likely to make the project a bit costly, plus oftentimes, the flooring itself is pricey, too, which adds to the overall expenses.

3- Chemical Emission

Some versions of rubber mat or tile flooring can emit unpleasant odors and VOCs during installation. Though the odor usually disappears after some time, the chemical-induced structure of rubber flooring might be a turn-off for some people, especially parents and/or pet owners.

Final Thoughts On Pros and Cons of Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is amongst the most innovative and serviceable floor treatments and boasts a wide application. However, whether or not this universally preferred flooring works for you is still a conditional matter. And it’s always best to gather as much info as possible beforehand, about anything and everything you wish to try out. With all that said, we hope our data will be maximally all-inclusive and precious, assisting you in the right decision-making. Remember that floor treatments, being major home improvements, must only be undertaken after plenty of research and evaluation.

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